13403 Leo Bachmann: Palette of Sounds (1993/00) 50'
for tuba solo
sFr. 26.00
This collection of thirteen pieces plays with the tonal possibilities of the instrument. In every movement the individual sounds from the tonal palette of the tuba are added to a sound pattern in a free mix of composition, concept and improvisation. The contrasting individual movements form a whole. 1. Glitter - 2. Second Hand Paint - 3. Black Shadow - 4. Colored Shadow - 5. Dirty - 6. Missing Echo - 7. Pressure - 8. Out of Shape - 9. Red Disc - 10. Out of Balance - 11. Merger - 12. Monochrome - 13. Mixed Colors.

0901 Jacques Demierre: The Case of Mr. V. (1985) 7'
for tuba solo
sFr. 18.00
A plausible portrait of the tuba player in his solitude.

14309 Felix Falkner: Allein (1998) 10'
5 vokalisen
for tuba solo
sFr. 16.00
Listen: Youtube
14315 Felix Falkner: Wanderer ? (2002) 4'
for tuba solo
sFr. 13.00

Tuba with instruments
8303 Dieter Ammann: Developments (1993) 9'30
for 2 trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba
sFr. 21.00
13408 Leo Bachmann: Tropfenspiel (1997) 8'
for contrabass flute, contrabass saxophone and tuba
sFr. 13.00
Repetitive layered samples increase resp. decrease in tempo.

17906 Andreas Brenner: Sinus D (2010) 9'
for brass quintet (horn, 2 trumpets, trombone, tuba)
sFr. 23.00
(Stimmen: sFr. 31.-; € 24.-)
On the formal level, Sinus D generates an arch (lat. sinus) - like a D placed on ist back: the elements of a phrase - chords and their resulting melodic motifs - glide into each other successively to create a core of maximum density and a finish, which, with regard to this density, returns to the begining.

17909 Andreas Brenner: Prismen (2011) 12'
for wind quintet (horn, 2 trumpets, trombone, tuba) and organ
sFr. 29.00
(Stimmen: sFr. 18.-; € 14.-)
Short three or four tone phrases of equidistant intervals are combined in such a way as to form sound structures similar to those found in tonal music. This piece uses a radically reduced amount of material in ever-changing combinations to create prismatic radiations. The sound structures are relics, nothing but colour values - no longer bound by gravity to a base tone (as in tonal music), but produced through a constructive law. This is also the case with the E major chord, which brings this piece to a 'concilitory' end.

0912 Jacques Demierre: Portrait de ça en cale sèche (1991) 70'
for speaker, three female voices, tuba, accordion, two pianos and choir
sFr. 230.00
Texts: Jacques Roman The content of the piece has a diffused feeling, a difficult to describe situation summed up excellently with a short sentence by B. Requichot: "je ne sais pas c'qui m'quoi."

14316 Felix Falkner: And if thou wilt, remember (2002) 12'
für Countertenor oder Altstimme und Tuba
sFr. 21.00
Text: Christina Georgina Rossetti.

14426 Stefan Feingold: Tantal (1997/99) 40'
"Planet Music"
for brass quintet ( and piano
sFr. 57.00
This work is in three movements, parts of which are in aleatoric notation.

26105 Max E. Keller: Changements (2003) 11'
for tuba, percussion, piano and live electronics (BOSS SE-70)
sFr. 21.00
Changements - between various instrumental groups, between natural and transformed sound, between calm and hectic, between cut and transition, between air and tone, between pulse and free rhythm, between repetition and progress, between sound and noise, between…

26134 Max E. Keller: Grillen (2009) 6'
for trumpet 1 in B, trumpet 2 in B, horn (F), trombone and tuba
sFr. 26.00
The chirping of crickets is generally considered to be soft and quiet, it can, however, become truly clamorous when when many crickets are heard at close quarters - just as one can experience it in the copses or groves of Greece. What is apparently weak can, en mass and under specific circumstances, develop unimagined power. In German the word for cricket is 'Grillen' and carries with it another maeaning: fantastical or dull thoughts.

3119 Urban Mäder: Annäherung an Dorfmusik (1991) 13'
for clarinet and brass instruments (cn.bugle[=2tpt]/hn.tbn.tb)
sFr. 31.00
Adaptation of folk musical elements.

9729 Hans-Jürg Meier: nie setzt es ein (2002) 12'
for flute, (bfl, cbfl), horn, two trumpets, trombone and tuba
sFr. 26.00
Helical searching for osculation points.

3444 Thomas K. J. Mejer: Princes' balls (2013) 13'
Dance Suite in 5 Movements
for contrabass flute, contrabass saxophone, tuba and sextet (fl, cl, pf, perc, vn, vc)
sFr. 55.00
Written for the "Kontra-Trio" Lucerne and the "Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble", created for the project "Stravinskij Revisited". Suite in five movements: Wickedly Obscured Beautiful Insisting Seductive Concealed

4009 Daniel Ott: 17 1/2 (1995) 25'
Scenic composition
for 4 guitars, 2 mandolins, dulcimer, viola, 2 double bass, saxophone, trombone, tuba, accordeon and three percussion instruments
sFr. 55.00
Spatial composition based on the sound memories of the musicians/singers.

10027 Kit Powell: Salmagundi (1998) 10'
for brass ensemble (four trumpets, two horns, tuba and four trombones)
sFr. 60.00
An entertainment piece using German and English folksongs.

16023 Alex Rüedi: Blechtett (2009) 15'
for 2 trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba
sFr. 47.00
(Stimmen SME: sFr. 46.-; € 46.-)
4807 Andreas Stahl: brudermord (1992) 7'20
for piccolo trumpet, Eb-trumpet, horn and three percussionists
sFr. 29.00
Short, fierce (also complex) cry out against equality in its handling of various aspects such as mankind, musical instruments, parameters, etc..

17107 Bruno Stöckli: Bribes (2001) 10'
for viola, violoncello, trombone, tuba and piano
sFr. 34.00
5242 Balz Trümpy: Passacaglia und Walzer (1997) 7'
for tuba, string quartet and piano
sFr. 23.00
A series of variations over a bass result in a cathartic waltz.

17515 Raymond Vauterin: Intrada (1996) 6'
for brass ( and 2 timpani
sFr. 42.00
7836 Hansruedi Willisegger: Frau Musica zur Ehr (1973) 5'30
for youth choir, mixed choir, three trumpets, three trombones and tuba
sFr. 34.00
text: Folksong

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