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0904 Jacques Demierre: Bleu (1986) 5'
for voice solo
sFr. 13.00
Texts: Everyday advertising and media language The performance of a singer who tries in vain to suppress her fit of giggles. Sponsored by the SME Lucerne.

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0916 Jacques Demierre: La colonne brisée - Frida Kahlo (1996) 58'
for voice solo
sFr. 65.00
Texts: Subcommandante Marcos, Frida Kahlo A female voice appears alone on stage. It speaks of the journey from the personal to the universal, a journey brimming with sense and dramatic tension, a journey which connects the singularity of the body with the multitude of a myth dependent on the humanity of a mysticised being - simply our world.

9004 Edu Haubensak: Drei Klangbilder (1981) 20'
for piano, recorded material and scenery
sFr. 34.00
9040 Edu Haubensak: Klangmoment (1999/00) 3'
for one actor
sFr. 13.00
3111 Urban Mäder: lieber ein Saxophon (1994) 9'
for contrabass saxophone (also baritone saxophone) and recorded material
sFr. 36.00
(Inkl. CD)
Text: Ernst Jandl A theatrical attempt by a saxophonist to articulate the self-ironic text by Ernst Jandl through the mouthpiece of his instrument while the recorded material plays.

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3130 Urban Mäder: Der Hosenträger (2001) 9'
Five short scenes
for one percussionist (one standing tom-tom and three cymbals)
sFr. 16.00
The presentation of this piece goes beyond pure percussion playing. The performance concepts have theatrical significance and have to be accomplished with a concentrated stage presence.

4003 Daniel Ott: molto semplicemente. per teodoro (1989) 12'
for accordion
sFr. 23.00
Half-scenic composition in response to the chemical disaster of 1986 in Schweizerhalle (Baselland).

7719 Pierre Thoma: Ameisentierchen (1991) 1'20
for two performers/musicians
sFr. 13.00
5910 Jürg Wyttenbach: Trois chansons violées pour une violoniste chantante (1973/81) 8'
for violin (singing violinist)
sFr. 23.00
Text: François Rabelais, folksong ‘Chanson de la canaille’ (a rag song): French and Swiss Dialect (from the Berne region); The tragedy (anonymous Australian country blues): English; ‘Chanson a la Lanternoy’ (an 'underexposed' chanson): comic-speech and French. The violinist must have a good ear and be able to play and sing simultaneously. She does not need a trained voice but must possess perfect diction and the ability to act. Sponsored by the SME Lucerne.

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0910 Jacques Demierre: Une table pour trois, ou la troïka s'ennuie (1990) 20'
for three percussionists
sFr. 26.00
(Stimmen: sFr. 30.-; € 20.00)
This piece is based around numerous hand playing techniques (from the most common gestures to the orthodox playing techniques of the darbuka). It develops theatrically according to the gestures of each performer. Sponsored by the SME Lucerne.

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1117 Jürg Frey: Aufzählung. Licht. Tänzerin am Rand (1995/96) 20'
for actor, female dancer, three instruments (flute, violoncello and accordion)
sFr. 23.00
2203 Regina Irman: Speculum (1984) 15'
for four Eb clarinets, two percussion, sisyphus machine, mirrored scenery and coloured lighting
sFr. 34.00
The Sisyphus machine, mirror stage-layout and lighting can all be obtained on request. In the case of a version without these accessories the machine must be replaced by a running tape recorder.

2656 Max E. Keller: Swissfiction (1990) 30'
Musical theatrical scenes
for four actors(esses), four musicians ( and a four-channel tape
sFr. 34.00
Text: Alex Gfeller Based on Alex Gfellers story 'Das Komitee'.The cities of Switzerland are contaminated, be it with poison or radioactivity, the ozone layer is depleted many paths leading to destruction have long been foreseen. Only few have survived and sit vegetating in their shelters underneath the ruins of earlier prosperity. Some have already mutated, others live in a world of delusion.

2833 Alfred Knüsel: Splitterfolge (1999) 9'
for four female voices (speakerSMezA) and ensemble (
sFr. 31.00
A short musical theatre in three parts to be handled as a non-stop performance.

9504 Louisa Lasdun: Concerto für Wörter (1996) 12'
for male and female speaker and male and female voices
sFr. 47.00
Texts: Isolde Schaad A rhythmical and difficult speaking part for a mixed speaking choir. A lively, humorous, theatrical and cheeky piece with choreography, lighting and text from the book ‘KüsschenTschüss - Sprachbilder und Geschichten zur öffentlichen Psychohygiene’ by Isolde Schaad.

3120 Urban Mäder: tut kreuz und quer zur Neige blasen (1996) 10'
for twelve wind (fl(pic) 2 percussionists and conductors
sFr. 42.00
Musical theatrical play from the entrance to the bow. DVD available from the composer.

3415 Thomas K. J. Mejer: Macula Matris (1995/96) 72'
for seven musicians (fl(pic,bfl,cbfl).cl(bcl,cbcl).bn(cbn)/tbn/hp/perc/vc), seven speakers and seven dancers.
sFr. 200.00
Texts: Hermann Berger, André Gide, Marisa Holder, Elfriede Jelinek, Milan Kundera, Irmgard Morgner, Karin Struck A stage work, somewhere between performance and installation.

3708 Roland Moser: Heinelieder. Für Stimmen mit Begleitung (1970 ff) 40'
Version 1985
for Soprano, piano, actor, small amplification equipment and a small wooden table
sFr. 52.00
Text: Heinrich Heine Twelve pieces of music (songs and a piano piece) with texts by Heine throughout, representing a biography in five stages. The Soprano needs a strong low register.

4002 Daniel Ott: im museum (1987) 45'
Musical theatre piece
for a group of children and piccolo, bass clarinet, tuba, accordion, mandolin (guitar), violin and four percussion instruments
sFr. 31.00
Texts: Folksong Can be played individually: ‘kinderspiele’ for 2 percussionists (glock.vib.cym) [2'] ‘le ranz des vaches’ for 6 tuned cow bells (f#+2,g2,d2,g#+3,a3,e4), one player [2']

4007 Daniel Ott: skizze - 7 1/2 bruchstücke (1992) 11'
Scenic composition
for bass clarinet, percussion and string trio
sFr. 23.00
A portrait study, ‘Bilderbogen’, developed from discussions with members of the ‘Ensemble Recherche’ concerning their relationship with their instruments; also available as a film version: ‘7 ½’ (together with Reinhard Manz) Distribution: Video-Genossenschaft Basel, Postfach 511, CH-4005 Basel.

4009 Daniel Ott: 17 1/2 (1995) 25'
Scenic composition
for 4 guitars, 2 mandolins, dulcimer, viola, 2 double bass, saxophone, trombone, tuba, accordeon and three percussion instruments
sFr. 55.00
Spatial composition based on the sound memories of the musicians/singers.

10008 Kit Powell: Father's Telescope (1989) 15'
Music theatre piece
for singer, speaker and recorded material
sFr. 34.00
Texts by Michael Harlow. Playful work dealing with power and submission.

4625 Urs Peter Schneider: Robert Walser Trilogie II,2: Studie über den Adel (1995-1996) 14'
for four performers (multimedia work)
sFr. 34.00
4811 Andreas Stahl: sextett (1993/94) 20'
for soprano, violin, violoncello, trombone, percussion, piano, electronic tape and a piece of mechanical equipment
sFr. 31.00
A half-scenic attempt to look at the common ground between musical and theatrical operation and the resulting relationship between movement and sound.

5404 Daniel Weissberg: DUO ? (1985) 11'
for flute clarinet and…
sFr. 34.00
A cicerone piece full of surprises, illusions, and some acrobatics. Requires a Bb clarinet, bass clarinet and contrabass clarinet.

5403 Daniel Weissberg: CHARAKTERSTÜCK (1985/88) 12'
for six-handed marimbaphone
sFr. 26.00
A serious yet humorous musical theatre piece for three percussionists and a marimbaphone.

8202 Alfons Karl Zwicker: Nachtduett (1989/90) 20'
Cycle with poems by Georg Trakl
for mezzo-soprano, bass, flute, harpsichord, four violins, viola, violoncello and double bass
sFr. 83.00
An erotic, sticky piece that takes the incestuous relationship between Trakls and his sister as its theme. 'Nachtduett' is a series of scenic poems predestined for the stage.

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