voice and piano
1468 Eric Gaudibert: Mélodies (1966) 6'30
pour soprano (ténor) et piano
sFr. 34.00
Text: Paul Eluard 2 notebooks each with three melodies. 1st notebook: Dit de l'amour – L'unique – Dit de la force de l'amour. This notebook has also been transposed one tone deeper.

1469 Eric Gaudibert: Mélodies (1966) 6'30
for soprano (tenor) and piano
sFr. 21.00
En 2 cahiers de 3 mélodies chacun. Texte de Paul Eluard. 2e cahier : Dit d’un jour – A côté – Par un baiser. Ces mélodies sont de style français, dans le sillage de Debussy et Messiaen.

4803 Andreas Stahl: im selben raum (1989) 35'
for tenor and piano
sFr. 34.00
Text: Konstantin Kavafis The tenor sings the text of a Greek concerning his love of the male to the generally steady and soft sounds of the piano part (very resonant, many fermata, a few rough edges, a lot of time).

5214 Balz Trümpy: Vier Lieder (four songs) (Eichendorff) (1990) 10'
for high voice (soprano or tenor) and piano
sFr. 26.00
The four poems by Eichendorff are arranged so as to outline a day cycle.

Tenor with instruments
0229 Walter Baer: Minne ist so wunderlich (1998) 20'
for soli (SATB), mixed choir and four-handed piano
sFr. 44.00
Texts: Johannes Hadlaub.

0524 Nicolas Bolens: En mi Cielo (1998) 4'
for tenor and guitar
sFr. 16.00
Texts: Pablo Neruda

6722 Hans Eugen Frischknecht: Vokalisationen (1975) 8'
for five singing voices (SSATB)
sFr. 16.00
Five singers generate a multiplicity of vocal sounds on a purely phonetic basis. The pitch levels are purely graphically notated (with no exact indication to elevation). The work oscillates between dense superimpositions and stationary sound surfaces.

15187 Rudolf Jaggi: Hymnus nach Guido von Arezzo (1992) 10'
for four tenor and three bass singers
sFr. 23.00
15175 Rudolf Jaggi: Carpe diem (1996) 11'
for solo quartet (SATB)
sFr. 39.00
Text: Omar Khayam. Morning… Perpetual change Away, away Carpe diem

26141 Max E. Keller: 1968 - und heute? (2010) 14'
for tenor/countertenor and recorder
sFr. 26.00
Texts: Max E. Keller Three aspects of the 1968 movement in three sections: The USA War against Northern Vietnam caused worldwide protestation, which led in 1975 to the beaten withdrawal of the Americans. Today's united Vietnam is a thriving country and a rich source of mineral deposits. The Shah's visit to Berlin in June 1967 and the shooting of a protesting student by police triggered a further youth revolt in 1968. The Shah was soon forced to stand down and the Islamists picked up the sceptre in a dubious success. In ist widest sense, the then ideal of a self-determined yet solidly life gave way to a new conformism and apathy and a bureaucratically regulated society. This setting does not make use of today's ready-made pop idiom, but explores a rather more independent, colourful and diversified musical implementation of this unconventional instrumentation. Voice and recorder often move on different levels by reacting to different textual dimensions. This sound world thus reflects the spontaneity, fantasy and abandon of 68 without the superficial duplication of the textual content.

26144 Max E. Keller: Pour aller mieux (2011) 4'
for tenor, tenor saxophone and piano
sFr. 18.00
Texts: Jean Miniac.

19409 Burkhard Kinzler: In nomine (2012) 25'
für vier Stimmen (SATB), drei Blockflöten, Akkordeon und vier Streicher (Vl, Vla, Vc, Kb))
sFr. 70.00
Instrumentierungen altenglischer In-Nomine-Vertonungen (Taverner, Picforth, Bull) samt einem Prolog über den cantus firmus.

2846 Alfred Knüsel: Messe (1976) 18'
for vocal quartet, speaker, mixed choir, violin and organ
sFr. 68.00
(Violin-Stimme: sFr. 12.-; € 8.00)
2916 Josef Kost: ... und er verwunderte sich... - Musik zu Visionen von Niklaus von Flüe (1999) 26'
for soli (ST) choir (large choir SAB, small vocal ensemble) and orchestra (
sFr. 70.00
Texts: Niklaus von Flüe Easy to easy/intermediate for amateur choir and semi professional vocal ensemble. Liturgical performance duration 50’- 65’

3122 Urban Mäder: Tauber (1986) 60'
for speaker, alto, tenor and ensemble (
sFr. 75.00
Text: Heinz Zimmermann A melodrama based on a text by Heinz Zimmermann. The theme of this piece concerns outer and inner captivity.

9751 Hans-Jürg Meier: ...und die Musik, immer neu, baut im unbrauchbaren Raum… (2011) 20'
for vocal quartet (SMezTB)
sFr. 52.00
Texts: Rainer Maria Rilke Music in four parts with texts from "Die Sonette an Orpheus" (1922): I Blume und Buch II Tempel im Gehör III Gesang ist Dasein IV Lied überm Land

4301 Ernst Pfiffner: "... et aperuit oculos.." (1973/74) 15'
for bass, baritone, three tenors and instrumental ensemble (
sFr. 44.00
Text: Bible / Liturgy In this piece, the Latinate poetry of the blind born from the gospel according to John is set to music. In the first part, the wonderment of the event, in the second the interrogation and in the third the words of Jesus to the healed are set forth. The disciples in the first part and the Pharisees in the second are written for a group of three tenors (traditionally called ‘Turba’) who, according to the dramatical situation, speak, whisper or scream. Work series A: Music for concerts.

4908 Mathias Steinauer: Speculum sibyllinum, op. 9 (1992) 16'
for 6 voices (mezzo-soprano, altus, 2 tenors, baritone, bass), 5 recorder-players (div. instr.), 6 viola da gambas (2 disc, A, 2 T/B, violone in D) and two percussion instruments
sFr. 44.00
An adaptation of newly found manuscripts written by an anonymous twelfth-century composer in the Vatican, within which aspects of the whole of musical history are anticipated. Spatial music.

5289 Balz Trümpy: Lieder der Ferne (2007) 16'
Vier Gesänge
für Tenor, Bratsche und Klavier
sFr. 52.00
Eduard Mörikes Poesie fasziniert mich durch ihre Doppelbödigkeit und ihre schillernde Stimmungslage, die sich zwischen romantischer Verklärung, verinnerlichter Gemütlichkeit und dämonischer Abgründigkeit bewegt. Sie kommt der klanglichen Erweiterung des Klavierliedes durch die Bratsche dadurch entgegen, dass dieses wunderbare Instrument eine "Vertiefung" des Geigenregisters im Sinne der Hinwendung zum Schattigen, Erdigen und Sinnlich-Körperhaften darstellt.

5266 Balz Trümpy: The Bonds of Heaven are Dissolved (2011) 18'
for soprano, tenor, 2 baritones, speaker and instrumental ensemble (
sFr. 83.00
After a scene from Shakespeare's "Troilus and Cressida". The psychological complexity of the scene is realised musically in polyphonic layers.

10702 De-Qing Wen: Distance (1992) 14'40
for mezzo-soprano, tenor, 12 female voices and 3 percussionists
sFr. 26.00
Text: four ancient Chinese poems. The female chorus is dispersed in four groups located on each side of the audience; each chorus-singer also plays a percussion instrument. The soloists on stage create a feeling of distance.

78190 Hansruedi Willisegger: und maria (2003) 8'
for vocal double quartet (poss. small choir) and mixed choir
sFr. 39.00
Texts: Kurt Marti, Silja Walter, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Novalis

5823 René Wohlhauser: mikka resna (2006) 5'
Ergon 34
for tenor and guitar
sFr. 31.00
The self-written onomatopoeic texts are semantically charged by the exaggerated gesture of the music and become thereby a farce.

5832 René Wohlhauser: Charyptin-Fragmente (2010) 5'
Ergon 42/Iia
for two voices: preferably soprano and baritone or soprano and alt or tenor and baritone
sFr. 36.00
Based on own onomatopoeic texts. This piece fathoms the various intermediary areas between the whispered, spoken and sung. Versions for high or deep baritone (alt).

Tenor with orchestra
8523 Thüring Bräm: 5 Eichendorff-Lieder (1996) 16'
for solo voice (T possibly S) and orchestra ( timp.2perc/str)
sFr. 49.00
Texts: Josef Freiherr von Eichendorff Written for the 1000-year anniversary of the city of Danzig. A representation of five poems by the romantic poet Josef Freiherr von Eichendorff for high voice (tenor, soprano) and orchestra with transparent texture.Todeslust - Im Alter - Die Zeit geht schnell - Memento - In Danzig.

15194 Rudolf Jaggi: Je sais, Vièrge Marie (2004) 4'
for choir (SAB), soloists (SATB), panpipes and/or alto flute and small orchestra (perc/str)
sFr. 18.00
(Stimmen: sFr. 18.-; € 12.-)
15195 Rudolf Jaggi: Zwei Paraphrasen über bolivianische Weiihnachtslieder (2004) 16'30
for choir (SAB), soloists (SATB), panpipes and/or altoflute and orchestra (
sFr. 62.00
(Stimmen: sFr. 44.-; € 30.-)
1. Hoch steht am Himmel uns der Stern 2. Flieg, mein Vogel

151119 Rudolf Jaggi: Menschwerdung (2008) 27'
Christmas cantata
for tenor solo, choir (SATB) and orchestra
sFr. 88.00
(Stimmen: SME sFr. 62.-; € 41.00)
2914 Josef Kost: Et coeperunt loqui ("... und sie begannen zu reden ...") (1996/97) 26' 30
for large amateur choir, vocal ensemble, (amateur) youth choir, solo (T and speaking role), orchestra ( and organ
sFr. 47.00
Texts: Bible / Liturgy Music for the Pentecostal Liturgy with Latin text. Seven parts distributed throughout the service. The choir and instrumental groups are distributed throughout and incorporate the whole church room. The congregation sings (with accompaniment) four integrated Gregorian chants. Easy to intermediate level of difficulty. Liturgical performance duration: 65'

15408 Kurt Meier: Also hat Gott die Welt geliebt (1995) 20'
Ecclesiastical concert
for tenor, baritone, choir and string orchestra
sFr. 49.00
(Stimmen: sFr. 44.-; € 29.00)
9816 Laurent Mettraux: "Vers le soleil couchant", oratorio, M. 528 (1995/96) 42'
for four soli (SATB), children's choir or girl choir, mixed choir and orchestra (0.0.acl.2bthn.2/
sFr. 122.00
(Parties séparées chez le compositeur; réduction voix/piano: sFr. 70.-; € 70.-)
Texts: Gilgamesh epic, Emily Brontë, Vedas (Indian), Guillaume Apollinaire Numerous, equally overlapping texts regarding the problem of death: from the epic of Gilgamesh to E. Brontë, from the Vedas to Apollinaire. A very impressive work in its expressivity and its musical and philosophical progression, with a multitude of climates and a very serene ending.

4316 Ernst Pfiffner: Osterbuch (1994/96) 45'
for soli (MezATBarB), choir and orchestra (2.2(2ca).2.2/
sFr. 88.00
Texts: Euripides, Karl Jaspers, Blaise Pascal, William Shakespeare, Bible / Liturgy Work series A: Music for concerts.

4320 Ernst Pfiffner: Pfingstbuch (1996/97) 35'
for six solo voices (SMezATBarB), speaking voice and chamber orchestra (1(pic,fl-g).1(ca).1.1/
sFr. 148.00
(Aufführungsmaterial bei Akademie für Schul- und Kirchenmusik Luzern)
Texts from the Bible and eastern Liturgy; twelve single verses from Martin Gutl, Huub Oosterhujs, Nelly Sachs, Rabindranath Tagore; quotes from Helder Camara, Ernesto Cardenal, Johannes XXIII., Josef Quadflieg und J.M. Sailer. Wie? Pfingsten? die Gott verschlafen Verheissungen Als Pfingsten gekommen "Licht wird aus Sand" Geist - Heiliger GeistSchenk uns neue Begeisterung Work series A: Music for concerts.

5206 Balz Trümpy: Anima (3. Fassung) (version 3) (1977 (rev. 1983)) 17'
for high voice (soprano or tenor) and orchestra (3(3pic).2.ca.2.bcl.2.cbn/
sFr. 78.00
Texts: Anonymus, Heinrich von Morungen, Walter von der Vogelweide This three-part work is based on texts from a minnelied. The vocal line, which uses various sound modulations, is harmonically, melodically and rhythmically interwoven with the accompaniment.

Listen: Youtube
7837 Hansruedi Willisegger: Cantico delle creature (Sonnengesang des Hl. Franz von Assisi) (1984) 35'
for vocal ensemble (SATB), choir, children's choir and large orchestra (
sFr. 57.00

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