4005 Daniel Ott: para alberto alarcon (1991) 35'
Scenic composition
for one dancer with castanets
sFr. 23.00
A musical portrait woven with words from the castanet story of the Spanish Civil War by Frederico Garcia Lorca: for diverse castanets of assorted origin.

Dance with instruments
1117 Jürg Frey: Aufzählung. Licht. Tänzerin am Rand (1995/96) 20'
for actor, female dancer, three instruments (flute, violoncello and accordion)
sFr. 23.00
1510 Eliane Frances George: Gossamery Dreams (1993) 17'
for electronics, flute, violin, viola percussion, and dance (ad lib.)
sFr. 34.00
(Parties et bande en vente chez EMS)
A combination of live music, recorded material and dance. This piece evokes the inside of archetypal images, images that, throughout time and evolution, have expressed to us the hope of a world of communication that lies beyond our illusory daily lives.

2507 Mischa Käser: einspruch (1990/91) 13'
for baritone, speaker, accordion, double bass, saxophone, percussion and a dance duo
sFr. 60.00
Texts: Thomas Huonker, Peter Zahl, everyday advertising and media language A piece requiring demanding rehearsals. The speaker should draw on his talent for rhythm. The sung sections can be performed by a tenor with a good lower register. Uses texts by Thomas Huonker, Peter Zahl, and newspaper cuttings.

9503 Louisa Lasdun: There and Back Again (1993) 34'
for piano trio, counter tenor, girl's voice (should sound like a 12-16 year-old)
sFr. 60.00
Text: James Lasdun This work (inspired by Paula Regos’ etchings based on English nursery rhymes) was originally conceived as a dance piece, but can also be performed as a concert piece. The text by James Lasdun was adapted from traditional children’s rhymes. There are four movements: Dramatis Personae - Questions - Requiem for Cock Robin and Journey Dance. This piece received an award at the ‘Ballet Gulbenkian’, Lisbon in November 1998.

7212 Mela Meierhans: 4instruments2 (1997/98) 17'
for dance, double bass (or violoncello), thunder board and recorded material (CD/DAT or MD)
sFr. 16.00
3415 Thomas K. J. Mejer: Macula Matris (1995/96) 72'
for seven musicians (fl(pic,bfl,cbfl).cl(bcl,cbcl).bn(cbn)/tbn/hp/perc/vc), seven speakers and seven dancers.
sFr. 200.00
Texts: Hermann Berger, André Gide, Marisa Holder, Elfriede Jelinek, Milan Kundera, Irmgard Morgner, Karin Struck A stage work, somewhere between performance and installation.

17008 Raphael Staubli: Dionysos und Apollon (1995)
for viola, lyre, overtone singing and eurythmics
sFr. 16.00

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