Saxophone quartet

15143 Rudolf Jaggi: Phonie für Saxophon-Quartett (SATBar) (1994) 16'
sFr. 31.00
Homophonie - Heterophonie - Antiphonie - Monophonie - Telephonie - Quadrophonie - Saxophon-nie! - Polyphonie.

15189 Rudolf Jaggi: Vier Skizzen (2002) 9'
for saxophone quartet (satbar)
sFr. 42.00
(Stimmen: sFr. 36.-; € 24.00)
Based on sentences from a verse by Omar Khayam (Persia, 11th Century).

2825 Alfred Knüsel: Subtile Verfremdung ins Ausdrückliche (1996) 9'
for saxophone quartet
sFr. 21.00
2826 Alfred Knüsel: Abrupte Folge von zehn Zuständen (1997) 14'
for saxophone quartet
sFr. 31.00
2827 Alfred Knüsel: Randbereich (1997) 6'
for saxophone quartet
sFr. 21.00
7134 Valentin Marti: Le Journal de Sisyphos (2003-05) 23'
for saxophone quartet
sFr. 42.00
Five movements with partly alternating instrumentation (satb – ttbb), a continual upward movement of the piece's harmonic concept with simultaneous individual downward draughts… the knowledge of the aimlessness / futility of human action leads to the realisation that the experience of every moment, that (artistic) creation, as absurd as it seems, is the ultimate representation of the meaning of life (after Camus). World premiere: 18.9.05, Lugano, 4tenors (Journées 1-3); 30.5.08, Zurich, 4tenors (Journées 1-5)

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9731 Hans-Jürg Meier: nodo (2002/04) 13'
for saxophone quartet (2a, 2t)
sFr. 21.00
Knottings of time. Urging forwards - stillstand - floating without clues in time.

9735 Hans-Jürg Meier: cerchio sul celio (2005) 11'
for 3 tenor saxiphones and baritone saxophone
sFr. 23.00
Formally based on the floor plan of the 'Santo Stefano in Rotondo' commemoration church on the Monte Celio in Rome, the music flows alternately through the physical conditions of the water.

3404 Thomas K. J. Mejer: Sulpizianische Bilderwelt (1990) 21'30
saxophone quartet N° 1 (SATBar)
sFr. 47.00
(Stimmen bei SME erhältlich: sFr. 48.-; € 48.-)
"The 'Sulpician Bilderwelt' unites Mejer's experience in the field of Jazz and electronic music in a formally convincing way. Between the multi-faceted jagged and fragmentary minimal motive in the first and fourth movements, Mejer has explored, in the organically developing middle movements, the best sound possibilities presented by the available setting." (LNN, May 1995, U. Mattenberger)

3430 Thomas K. J. Mejer: Dark Snow falls upon the Bagpipers (1993) 9'
Saxophone-quartet N° 2 (4 asx)
sFr. 31.00
3416 Thomas K. J. Mejer: Frogland, No Princes! (1997) 16'
Saxophone quartet No. 3 (SATBar)
sFr. 47.00
A very strong feeling of rhythm and agility in the altissimo register is required.

3435 Thomas K. J. Mejer: Lurking Loves (1999) 22'
Saxophone quartet N° 4 (4 bsx)
sFr. 49.00
9807 Laurent Mettraux: Quatuor de saxophones, M. 474 (1993) 22'
for four saxophones (satbar)
sFr. 65.00
(4 parties séparées: sFr. 42.-; € 42.-)
In four movements, the third of which is a scherzo furioso. Well balanced between the four instrumental parts (with solos for all of them) and particularly well adapted to the timbre and the very expressive character of the saxophone family.

16004 Alex Rüedi: Jazzquartett No. 1 (1994) 4'
for saxophone quartet (
sFr. 16.00
(Stimmen: sFr. 24.-; € 16.00)
Slowly - Presto.

16021 Alex Rüedi: Balma (2006) 11'
ssx, asx ,tsx, bsx
sFr. 31.00
(Stimmen SME: sFr. 40.-; € 40.-)
4508 Martin Schlumpf: Winterkreis (1991) 16'
for saxophone quartet (satbar)
sFr. 39.00
A sound poem with a tonal motif in irregular time (which enters in various states) this is interrupted by the insertion of 'wild bird' sounds and an imaginary radio, which appears collage-like. The ensemble faces some unusual tasks but this piece makes no virtuosic demands.

4537 Martin Schlumpf: Blau (2003) 9'
for saxophone quartet
sFr. 21.00
5414 Daniel Weissberg: So long (1997) 12'
for saxophone quartet
sFr. 26.00
(Stimmen bei SME/EMS: sFr. 20.-; € 20.-)
Interplay between quasi-breathless volumes of sound and passages in which breathing advances into the foreground.

Saxophone quartet with instruments
12819 Gary Berger: bitmap (2001) 6'
for saxophone quartet and live electronics
sFr. 26.00
11622 Michael Heisch: Chinese Cookies (2001) 17'
for saxophone quartet and speaker
sFr. 57.00
After texts by M. Vänçi Stirnemann.

15177 Rudolf Jaggi: Muster der Zeit (1986) 11'
for choir (SATB) and saxophone quartet
sFr. 26.00
(Sax-Stimmen: sFr. 16.-; € 16.-)
Texts: Heinrich Wiesner Choral suite. Jurasommer September in den Freibergen Schneefall

26108 Max E. Keller: Kalkül und Emotion (2004) 4'
for saxophone quartet (satbar) and string quartet
sFr. 18.00
This work forms the intertwining, togetherness and conflict of the two quartets with calculated emotional intention. The security net provided by the rational prearrangements allows greater freedom and confidence in the emotional decisions made regarding concrete sounds, instruments, complexity and developments.

3138 Urban Mäder: Flucht (2009) 15'
for two saxophone quartets
sFr. 47.00
Three movements: vögel ziehn ins offene, die ahnung, ein süsser duft.

Listen: Youtube
10225 Michael Schneider: Distant calls (1999/00) 11'
for saxophone quartet and piano
sFr. 31.00
Derived from physiological characteristics, the mystery of the Tasmanian Tiger is evoked by the martellato gestures and extensive sound arches of the piano. Experienced amateurs can perform this piece.

Saxophone quartet with orchestra
18708 Ruedi Debrunner: SOHO (2007) 19'
for saxophone quartet, harp and string orchestra
sFr. 75.00
(Stimmen: sFr. 75.-; € 58.-)
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