Pan Flute

Pan Flute with instruments
9267 Michel Hostettler: Ballade (2005) 5'
for panpipes and harp
sFr. 18.00
(avec voix)
9340 Vladislav Jaros: Terzett (terzet) (2007) 12'
for panflutes (or flutes), taragot (or oboe) and organ (or flute, clarinet and organ)
sFr. 21.00
In memoriam Sándor Veress. A piece with two themes from Hungarian folk music, slow lyrical parts alternate with lively, quick and very rhythmical parts. Extended tonality.

9752 Hans-Jürg Meier: das dasein ist nicht das wesentliche (sestiere - prima lettura) (2010) 16'
for panpipes, transverse flutes, recorders, clarinets, saxophone, horns, trombones, trumpets
sFr. 60.00

Pan Flute with orchestra
6512 Frédéric Bolli: Pavane pour flûte de Pan et cordes (pavane for panpipes and strings) (1991) 10'
sFr. 21.00
15194 Rudolf Jaggi: Je sais, Vièrge Marie (2004) 4'
for choir (SAB), soloists (SATB), panpipes and/or alto flute and small orchestra (perc/str)
sFr. 18.00
(Stimmen: sFr. 18.-; 12.-)
15195 Rudolf Jaggi: Zwei Paraphrasen über bolivianische Weiihnachtslieder (2004) 16'30
for choir (SAB), soloists (SATB), panpipes and/or altoflute and orchestra (
sFr. 62.00
(Stimmen: sFr. 44.-; 30.-)
1. Hoch steht am Himmel uns der Stern 2. Flieg, mein Vogel

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