Children's choir / Boys' choir

6763 Hans Eugen Frischknecht: "Kantone" (2005) 5'
for female choir or youth choir
sFr. 16.00
This work is composed without a fixed pitch, the choir finds this themselves. The text is phonetically notated, the source of the sound is the different Swiss canton's car registration plates.

151114 Rudolf Jaggi: Biel-Bänge (2006) 3'
for male choir (T1/T2/B1/B2) or female choir (S1/S2/A) or two-part childrens choir
sFr. 13.00
151141 Rudolf Jaggi: s'Läbe (2013) 1'20"
for children's choir (SA)
sFr. 13.00
Text: Theobald Baerwart.

2659 Max E. Keller: Es ist kalt (1993) 3'
for youth choir or female choir
sFr. 13.00
2844 Alfred Knüsel: Spatzengeschrei - Auf der Reise nach neuen Liedern (1986) 13'
6 songs
for children's choir
sFr. 18.00
Text: Folksong 1. Kapuzinen 2. Puzzle 3. Schatzsucher Kapitän Biff 4. Hexen-Rezept 5. Hättgern und Möchtgern 6. Gebet

10744 De-Qing Wen: The Four Seasons in My Childhood (2010) 18'
for children's or women's choir
sFr. 91.00
I'm heartedly thankful to Mr. Jacques Clos, the former director of Conservatoire de Musique, de Danse et d'Art Dramatique du Pays de Montbeliard (France), whose commission sparkled this composition. To present four seasons in a Chinese Child's eyes I've carefully chosen four of Chinese nursery rhymes respectively from Fuzhou, Wuhan, Shuiji and Shanghai, among which the one from Shuiji is full of my life in the childhood. The dialects used in this piece keeps the locutions and musical styles peculiar to the locality.

voice and piano
26122 Max E. Keller: Schwein gha! (2008) 3'
Song for children
for children's voice and piano accompaniment
sFr. 13.00
Texts: Mex E. Keller The text is based on short essays by 9 year-old pupils and reflects their personal experiences of the theme "being lucky". The song presents three such experiences in three strophes. The melody is slightly modal, set in a 32-beat song form and terminated by a refrain.

Children's choir / Boys' choir with instruments
9263 Michel Hostettler: Pique-Soleil (1996) 3'
for children's choir and piano
sFr. 13.00
Text: Françoise Hostettler.

9264 Michel Hostettler: Viens chez nous (2001) 2'
for childrens choir and piano
sFr. 13.00
Text: Marianne Bonzon.

2912 Josef Kost: ... du wirst schon sehen ... (1996) 18'
for boy and mixed choir, clarinet, harp and double bass
sFr. 29.00
Text: Hans Leopold Davi To stimulate moments of pause and contemplation, whether at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of life. Medium level of difficulty - also suitable for an amateur choir.

7836 Hansruedi Willisegger: Frau Musica zur Ehr (1973) 5'30
for youth choir, mixed choir, three trumpets, three trombones and tuba
sFr. 34.00
text: Folksong

Children's choir / Boys' choir with orchestra
151138 Rudolf Jaggi: Farigouletto (2013) 59'
Eleven folksongs from around the world
for children's choir (1 part with canon) and orchestra (2.1.1.asx.1/ timp, small dm/str/galoubet.srec.bamboo fl.shakuhachi.tamb.cong.taiko.largdm.shoko.gong.goat bell.cow bell.shamisen.lute
sFr. 91.00
1. Tein minä pillin 2. Daldalan 3. Abendstille überall 4. Farigouleto 5. Janie Mama 6. Toryanse 7. Odvovjala 8. Wir reiten geschwinde 9. Fallealili 10. Mon papa 11. Gang rüef de Brune

9816 Laurent Mettraux: "Vers le soleil couchant", oratorio, M. 528 (1995/96) 42'
for four soli (SATB), children's choir or girl choir, mixed choir and orchestra (0.0.acl.2bthn.2/
sFr. 122.00
(Parties séparées chez le compositeur; réduction voix/piano: sFr. 70.-; 70.-)
Texts: Gilgamesh epic, Emily Brontë, Vedas (Indian), Guillaume Apollinaire Numerous, equally overlapping texts regarding the problem of death: from the epic of Gilgamesh to E. Brontë, from the Vedas to Apollinaire. A very impressive work in its expressivity and its musical and philosophical progression, with a multitude of climates and a very serene ending.

7837 Hansruedi Willisegger: Cantico delle creature (Sonnengesang des Hl. Franz von Assisi) (1984) 35'
for vocal ensemble (SATB), choir, children's choir and large orchestra (
sFr. 57.00

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