Piano quartet

6403 George Barcos: Four Songs for String Trio and Piano (1988) 8'
sFr. 26.00
Preludio - Balada - Finale.

0504 Nicolas Bolens: 10 Microcosmes (1994) 10'
for violin, alto, violoncello and piano
sFr. 26.00
A suite consisting of ten extremely short pieces. The traditional writing utilises various organ points to signal expectation. Frequent measure changes. Traditional playing techniques.

19004 Elvira Garifzyanova: Patches of Light II (2007)
for violin, viola, violoncello and piano
sFr. 39.00
1445 Eric Gaudibert: Sérénade (1992) 8'
pour violon, alto, violoncelle et piano
sFr. 26.00
A suite with four pieces: Entrée, Air à danser, Nocturne, Jeu. In the first piece the violin and the viola are independant of the piano and the cello; in a scenic version they move from the concert hall towards the stage while playing. Medium level of difficulty for all parts.

8807 Rico Gubler: Weh mir, wo nehm' ich, wenn es Winter ist, die Blumen... (1997) 12'
for violin, viola, violoncello and piano
sFr. 16.00
(Stimmen bei SME: sFr. 54.-; 54.-)
5802 René Wohlhauser: Klavierquartett (piano quartet) (1979-84 (rev. 1987)) 9'
Ergon 9
traditional score: violin, viola, violoncello and piano
sFr. 23.00
An exploration of form and content in borderline situations, merely pushing further into a deeper dimension while writing the music down led to a condensed duration of the music, referred to as textural polyphony.

Piano quartet with instruments
9060 Edu Haubensak: Octaves for Four (2013) 19'
for piano quartet
sFr. 42.00
Violin, viola and violoncello in scordatura. Piano in tempered tuning.

2516 Mischa Käser: klavierquartett (piano quartet) (1999) 14'
for violin, viola, violoncello and piano
sFr. 52.00

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