1466 Eric Gaudibert: Fantaisie concertante (1999-2000) 12'
for pianoforte
sFr. 26.00
This is a solo version of the same work for pianoforte and Baroque string quartet; a homage to Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.The pianoforte has a range of five and a half octaves.

2850 Alfred Knüsel: Fliessendes festgehalten (1996) 14'
for pianoforte
sFr. 29.00

Fortepiano with instruments
1460 Eric Gaudibert: Fantaisie concertante (1998/99) 16'
for pianoforte and Baroque string quartet
sFr. 49.00
This work in one movement is a homage to Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. It contains quotates from the Fantaisies and from a Rondo by this composer. The pianoforte part is either in a free style, concert-like or very rhythmic and demands an advanced level of play. The quartet is written in traditional notation. The piano which was used for the world premiere was a copy of an instrument of 1815.

14802 Ursula Gut: Teddybear's Dream (1993) 10'
for violin, violoncello, bassoon, harp, percussion and celesta
sFr. 18.00

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