Viola da gamba

8422 Felix Baumann: aussprechen (2002) 15'
for recorder(s), viola da gamba and harpsichord
sFr. 34.00
'aussprechen' has something installative about it: in apparently endlessly excessive lengths almost nothing happens, which causes inflexibility to appear with quiet humour.

6101 Josef Haselbach: Mironton (1968) 15'
for two gambas
sFr. 31.00
A demanding duet for viola da gamba, composed for Hannelore Müller and August Wenzinger.

9056 Edu Haubensak: Chroma 24 (2009) 14'30
for Renaissance recorders (8) and gamba consort (5) in meantone tuning
sFr. 23.00
2217 Regina Irman: Sculptures (for Bruce Naumann) (1997) 15'
for quarter-tone gamba quartet (2A2B)
sFr. 42.00
Four quarter-tone bound gambas for once in raw sonority. Commissioned by the 'Ensemble Concerto di Viole'.

Listen: Youtube
3129 Urban Mäder: anhaltend (2000) 8'
for a Baroque ensemble (altus, tenor recorder, Baroque violin, viola da gamba, harpsichord)
sFr. 23.00
Text: Thomas Locher Based on text clippings from ‘Das Eine. Das Selbe. Das Gleiche’ by Thomas Locher. Introduction and dance that allow the Baroque elements to shine through. Tonally subtle and transparent music. Typical Baroque performance technique combined with a variety of contemporary experimental (noisy, brittle) playing methods.

3132 Urban Mäder: Das Eine. Das Selbe. Das Gleiche (202) 50'
for voice (altus), recorder(s), violin, gamba and double bass
sFr. 31.00
(CD und Video beim Komponisten)
This project is a collaboration between video art and a musically open play disposition in the room. Based on a text by Thomas Locher, with the Scappatella Ensemble and the video artist Judith Albert. CD and video available from the composer.

7129 Valentin Marti: Aus der Ferne (2006) 15'
for Renaissance recorder, viola da gamba and harpsichord/organ
sFr. 39.00
In 6 movements. The 6th movement is a modest hommage to György Ligeti: "Clarity".

Listen: Youtube
3440 Thomas K. J. Mejer: Barockengel im Schuss (2001) 8'
for counter tenor, recorder, violin and viola da gamba
sFr. 31.00
4617 Urs Peter Schneider: Robert Walser Trilogie III,1: Die Liebe in den leichten Worten (2003) 5'
Two Album leaves
for fidle and gamba (or two slightly differeing instruments)
sFr. 16.00
This last cycle, which mirrors the first in many ways, is based closely on restructured texts by the poet. "Die Liebe in den leichten Worten" continues semantic distraction in unsophisticated seconds, deceptive and beautiful; "Kanal" is a conceptual composition, creating artificial folklore and sentences of a piece of prosa, quasi idyllic continuation (the composer himself has created one version); "Das leichte End in Bern" is to be scored in a monochrome fashion with six identical instruments. It tells of disappearance into anonymity, of poltergeists and much more; it is dedicated to the performer Eva Fuhrer.

16613 Bernhard Sieber: Psalm 4 (1967) 4'
for baritone and violin (or alto and bass gamba)
sFr. 13.00
4908 Mathias Steinauer: Speculum sibyllinum, op. 9 (1992) 16'
for 6 voices (mezzo-soprano, altus, 2 tenors, baritone, bass), 5 recorder-players (div. instr.), 6 viola da gambas (2 disc, A, 2 T/B, violone in D) and two percussion instruments
sFr. 44.00
An adaptation of newly found manuscripts written by an anonymous twelfth-century composer in the Vatican, within which aspects of the whole of musical history are anticipated. Spatial music.

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