Cor anglais

1030 Jean-Jacques Dünki: Musique pour un Guillaume Tell (1991) 6'
for oboe (oboe d'amore, English horn)
sFr. 13.00

piano and instrument
16608 Bernhard Sieber: Elegie für Englischhorn und Klavier (elegy for English horn and piano) (1965) 3'
sFr. 13.00

Cor anglais with instruments
8411 Felix Baumann: Ins Offene (1998) 15'
for alto flute, English horn and soprano saxophone
sFr. 18.00
A piece about roughing up the unsisono, which is displaced from a static into a liquid state.

9248 Michel Hostettler: Khourounk Deghere (2000) 8'
Psalm 130 (129) in Armenian
for soprano solo, English horn and four strings
sFr. 23.00
(Voix chez EMS: sFr. 20.-; € 13.50)
Psalm 130 (129) in Armenian.

9309 Vladislav Jaros: Lapis Miraculum (1993) 6'
for English horn (violin, viola, violoncello) and guitar
sFr. 13.00
A relatively easy to play, slow, transparent and colourful piece.

19407 Burkhard Kinzler: round about Haydn (2012) 6'
a roundabout
für 2 Flöten, 2 Oboen (beide auch Engl-Hn), 2 Fagotte, 2 Naturhörner und 2 Naturtrompeten
sFr. 29.00
9721 Hans-Jürg Meier: colours de la rose (1999/01) 30'
for alto flute (flute) oboe (english horn) and soprano saxophone (alto saxophone)
sFr. 49.00
A nine-part piece - a confrontation between the music of Guillaume de Machaut and Hans-Jürg Meier.

3412 Thomas K. J. Mejer: Sternensturz (1995) 6'
for english horn (or alto saxophone) and vibraphone
sFr. 13.00
This composition is based on a poem bearing the same name by Rose Auslander. It advances in stages from spoken image through associated image to aural image. Version a: English horn and vibraphone Version b: alto saxophone and vibraphone

3417 Thomas K. J. Mejer: Recurrence of the Nymphs (1997) 18'
for oboe (also English horn), alto saxophone, bass clarinet and bassoon (also contra bassoon)
sFr. 42.00
Structured in four consecutive tonal images, each one takes its inspiration from a species of nymph: Orestiads, Dryades, Naiads and Nereids.

4324 Ernst Pfiffner: Trio (2010) 13'
for oboe and two english horns
sFr. 26.00
4309 Ernst Pfiffner: "... da der Tod..." (1991/93) 25'
for monophonic choir, alto, orator, flute, English horn, viola, violoncello and small percussion
sFr. 55.00
Text: Karl Mittlinger and W.A. Mozart Work series A: Music for concerts.

4310 Ernst Pfiffner: "... ahnten sie nicht" (1992) 16'
for alto, flute, English horn, viola, violoncello, small percussion
sFr. 49.00
Text: Karl Mittlinger Work series A: Music for concerts.

4311 Ernst Pfiffner: Trio pasquale (1993) 14'
for flute, oboe and English horn
sFr. 34.00
Da der Tod - ...ahnten sie nicht - Trio pasquale: A variety of settings: the whole ensemble in the first part; in the second the choir and the speaker are omitted whilst the third part features flute, oboe, and English horn. The three pieces are a religious triptych, but they can be performed separately. The first two cycles set texts by the Graz writer Karl Mittlinger to music. In the first part, death is objectified in its many aspects whilst the last part sees the speaker narrate sentences from Mozart's letters to his father, in which he describes his attitude towards death. The middle piece is concerned with form, life and the mission of Jesus and closes with death and resurrection. The ‘Trio Pasquale’ is deals with Easter, as seen by Maria Magdalena. Work series A: Music for concerts.

10737 De-Qing Wen: Two Birds in One Cage (2007) 9'30
In honor of Philippe Albera
for oboe and English horn
sFr. 26.00
The piece was inspired by the singing of my neighbor's two beautiful birds encased in one cage in front of my new residency in Fuzhou, China. Their singing aroused my curiosity. What were they singing for? How well were they getting along with each other? What were they discussing? About the past or the future? Life or death? Love or hatred? Nature or art? Freedom or confinement? Food or philosophy? Were they happy or sad? What if it was I myself who was encased in the cage with my love? No, no, no... It is not a good idea for us, but my neighbor and his wife should be!

Cor anglais with orchestra
9326 Vladislav Jaros: Adagio für Englischorn und Orchester (adagio for English horn and orchestra) (2004) 6'
sFr. 47.00
A reflective, melancholic piece.

4321 Ernst Pfiffner: Cambiamenti concertanti (1981/83) 16'
for oboe, string orchestra ( and percussion
sFr. 44.00
The oboist plays the oboe d'amore in the movements I, III, IV; oboe in the movements II, V and the English horn in movement IV. Work series A: Music for concerts.

Listen: Youtube
16616 Bernhard Sieber: Konzert für Englischhorn und Streichorchester (concert for English horn and string orchestra) (1975 (2008)) 20'
sFr. 44.00
(Stimmen: sFr. 40.-, € 26.50; Klavierauszug: sFr. 26.-, € 17.50)

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