Brass band

8903 Pius Haefliger: Visions (1991) 12'
for symphonic wind orchestra (including contrabassoon)
sFr. 62.00
Visions: A fight between vision and reality. In this composition the symphonic wind orchestra acts in a rather untypical combination of timbres and rhythm.

8907 Pius Haefliger: Kaleidoskop (1994) 9'
for symphonic wind orchestra
sFr. 70.00
From one facet to the whole picture: A dazzling firework of rhythm and harmonic melodies.

2681 Max E. Keller: Mondlandschaft (1999) 11'
for twenty-three wind instruments (3(3.pic)3.3(3.bcl).3/4.3.3(3.tbn).1) and three percussionists
sFr. 42.00
The musical procedure is, on the one hand side, reduced to the contrast between long and quiet rather than short and loud, on the light/dark of the barren moon surface; on the other hand side, it is formed with great subtlety in sound and structure.

Listen: Youtube
15625 Martin Metzger: Take Three (2003) 15'
for wind orchestra (pic.2.2(ca).Ebcl.3.bcl.4sx.2/4.4.4.btbn.euph.2tba.cbtba/5perc)
sFr. 91.00
1. About Berries and Swiss Fondue 2. Patchwork Blues 3. At the Chicken-Yard (A rock'n'roll in triple time)

10801 Martin Wendel: Umriss, op. 45 (1984) 5'
for wind orchestra (pic.2.1.3.bcl.asx.tsx.barsx.1/4bar.3.2cnt.3.2/timp.2perc/xyl/db)
sFr. 47.00

Brass band with orchestra
7838 Hansruedi Willisegger: Humida de gelidis (1990) 8'
for choir and brass band (Ebcnt.3cnt-b.3Ebhn.2Ebbar.3tbn.euph.Ebbass.bass-b.timp)
sFr. 39.00

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