Alpine horn

Alpine horn with instruments
3126 Urban Mäder: hornamental (1999) 8'
for five alphorns and simple electronics (ad libitum)
sFr. 21.00
Solo voice (with freedom to improvise) to a rhythmically flowing alphorn quartet movement. Required: five horns in F, three horns in F#, and one horn in E. Recorded transformed alphorn figures on CD can be used freely as a counterpart to the solo alphorn.

9730 Hans-Jürg Meier: sogno nel casotto (2001/04) 7'
for alphorn and accordion
sFr. 18.00
From wierd to joyful dreams in a lodge.

9732 Hans-Jürg Meier: Heimetvogel (2004) 4'
for mixed choir, alphorn and accordion
sFr. 16.00
Text: Josef Reinhart Arrangement of the folksong by Carl Hess.

7211 Mela Meierhans: RéSONANCE?! (1996/97) 21'
for bass clarinet, horn (Alphorn), violoncello and electronic (CD/DAT or MD)
sFr. 21.00
After texts by Hannah Arendt. This piece uses a half conventional score with 'cell' improvisation. All instruments are to be amplified where possible.

7723 Pierre Thoma: Bellikon (1994) 1'20
for 4 Alphorns
sFr. 18.00
17522 Raymond Vauterin: Poème (1995) 6'
for alphorn and organ
sFr. 23.00
17510 Raymond Vauterin: Fantaisie (2000) 8'
for alphorn and organ
sFr. 29.00
10706 De-Qing Wen: Wu (L'Eveil, bouddhisme Zen) (awakening, zen Buddhism) (1995) 15'25
for Soprano, alphorn and double bass
sFr. 23.00
A wealth of discourse is presented in this piece, a poem interpreted according to the Yi Chang technique used for thousands of years to declaim poetry, quotes from contemporary Zen texts, Buddhist prayers and the Swiss yodel.

7828 Hansruedi Willisegger: Choral (1972) 6'
for alphorn, piccolo and organ
sFr. 18.00

Alpine horn with orchestra
19412 Burkhard Kinzler: Müthel-Brücken (2013) 20'
für Chor, Solisten, Streicher, Horn, Alphorn und Fagott
sFr. 62.00
Für ein komponiertes Programm mit Werken von Johann Gottfried Müthel.

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