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Maria A. Niederberger was born in Davos in canton Grisons and grew up in Nidwalden. She studied composition and music theory in Massachusetts and California, USA. Amongst her teachers were Donald Martino (Harvard University), Arthur Berger, Martin Boykan (Brandeis Univerity) and Richard Swift (University of California Davis). As a student she won the O. B. Valente Memorial Prize for Excellence in musical composition and several scholarships. After receiving her doctorate from the Brandeis University she continued her compositional works and taught at American High Schools. Today she is professor at the East Tennessee State University where she teaches music theory and composition.

Maria A. Niederberger
East Tennessee State University
P O Box 70661
USA-TN 37614 Johnson City
Fon: +1 /423 439 5946
Web: http://musdra,


Daedaleum (1984)
for cello solo
Order No: 9904, sFr. 16.00
The non-traditional note heads in the notation change with the way of playing (pii, col legno, etc.).

Inferences (Rückschlüsse) (1985)
for fl(afl).cl(bcl)bn/2perc/pf/
Order No: 9908, sFr. 42.00
Accentuated piano part.

Album Pages (1988/89)
for violin solo
Order No: 9903, sFr. 16.00

D Vogelschiichi (1989)
Song cycle
for youth choir (SATBar) and soli (from the choir)
Order No: 9917, sFr. 26.00
Text: Felix Stöckli Lyrics in the local dialect of Nidwalden by Felix Stöckli. 1. Nid uiswiiche, 2. Zangg vo de junge Chräje, 3. Oh die Jährli, 4. Zangg ve de-n-alte Chräje, 5. Stirm hend pfuided, 6. Ringelreihe vo de junge Chräje, 7. Nid uiswiiche.

Piano Quintet (1990)
for string quartet and piano
Order No: 9907, sFr. 49.00

Tandem Points (1993)
for flute, oboe, bass clarinet, horn, two percussion, violin, viola, violoncello and double bass
Order No: 9909, sFr. 60.00
Accentuated horn and percussion.

Sounds of Space-Time (Klänge von Raum-Zeit) (1994)
for clarinet (also bass clarinet), marimba and piano
Order No: 9906, sFr. 44.00
The clarinet plays solo. Virtuosic passages. Demanding.

Wait for Me (1995)
Song cycle
for soprano with piano accompaniment
Order No: 9913, sFr. 47.00
Texts: Silja Walter, Pablo Neruda, Langstston Hughes, Ingeborg Bachmann Four songs, two German and two English. All texts were translated by the composer.

"Oh grosses Wunder" (1995)
A Christmas carol (first version)
for choir and organ for choir with flute, triangle and string quartet (string ensemble)
Order No: 9914, sFr. 13.00
(Version with instruments: sFr. 14.-, € 9.50)
Choir is 1-2-part, four strophes; music in a traditional tonal style. German text by M. Niederberger.

Lieder für hohe Stimmen (1995)
for soprano and alto voices
Order No: 9915, sFr. 21.00
The four German a-cappella songs (2 to 4-part) are in a traditional tonal style and suitable for an amateur choir; it is not without difficulties. The pieces can be performed individually. 1. Carl Sandburg: Der Nebel (2-part) 2. Gertrud Burkhalter: D Chrinne (2-part) 3. Friedrich Bischoff: Schneefall (4-part) 4. Ernst Penzoldt: Abreise (canon for three sopranos)

Towards the Sound of River Aa (Dem Klang der Aa entgegen) (1996)
for symphony orchestra (2(pic)
Order No: 9912, sFr. 49.00

Six Choral Songs (1996)
for mixed a-cappella choir
Order No: 9916, sFr. 34.00
Text: Folksong 1. Under the Greenwood Tree, 2. Nocturne, 3. A Boy’s Head, 4. Advent, 5. The Door, 6. Destiny. Traditional tonal style, relatively free rhythmics.

Sonnenspur: Tonbilder aus Kalifornien (1996/97)
for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, two percussion, piano, string quartet and double bass
Order No: 9910, sFr. 83.00
Fantasy, prelude, I. Nächtlicher Kojotentanz, II. Morgensonn’ das Meer enthüllet, III. Purple Horses, IV. Yosemite. Accentuated percussion.

A Swift Progression (Eine rasche Fortschreitung) (1997)
for violin solo
Order No: 9902, sFr. 13.00

On Winter's Margin (Am Rande des Winters) (1997)
for marimba and violin
Order No: 9905, sFr. 39.00
I. First Reflection, Interlude 1, II. Second Reflection, III. Princess of Crumbs, Interlude 2: A Hymn, IV. Ice Flowers. A loose connection to a poem by Mary Oliver.

Images (1997)
for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, double-bass, piano and percussion
Order No: 9911, sFr. 57.00
I. Fluid Shapes, II. Light and Shadow, III. Symmetries - Broken Symmetries. Piano and trumpet accentuated.

Vernissage (1998)
Musikalische Gedanken und Skizzen für Klavier
Order No: 9901, sFr. 31.00
I. Antezendenz, II. Blautöne, III. Stilleben, IV. Szene, V. Wellen und Vektoren, VI. Finale.

"Oh grosses Wunder": eine Liedsammlung (Zwei Weihnachts- und drei Neujahrslieder) (1995/99)
for high voice and small orchestra (
Order No: 9918, sFr. 42.00
Texts: Folksong I. Oh, grosses Wunder (second version) (M. Niederberger) 3'10 II. Fluss der Zeit (M. Niederberger) 1'40 III. Die Nacht ist hin (J. Chr. Günther) 2'10 IV. Zum Neuen Jahr (E. Mörike) 1'50 V. Neujahrsglocken (C.F. Meyer) 2'20 Suitable for a youth choir and a small professional orchestra.

Concerto for Oboe and Instrumental Ensemble (1999/00)
for oboe solo, flute (piccolo), clarinet, horn, harp, two violins, viola, violoncello and double bass
Order No: 9919, sFr. 57.00
This piece is suitable for oboe and ensemble, but oboe and a small orchestra is preferable. The oboe is very demanding but the harp and horn also play important parts.

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