Hans-Jürg Meier


- Raised in Rüschikon/Zurich, lives in Basel.
- Studied recorder under the tutelage of Conrad Steinmann at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis and composition under Roland Moser at Basel School of music.
Since 1991 - Compositions, from 1995 onwards came thereto sound installations and, in 1998, free improvised music
1997 until 2001 - Collaborates on the project Kaskadenkondensator, Basel
1999 until 2004 - Collaborates in the artistic direction of the Festival for Improvised and Composed Contemporary Music
2001 - Wins the Swiss Association of Musician's Marguerite de Reding Prize with the improvisation quartet 'Babels Besen'
2004/05 - Member of the Istituto Svizzero di Roma (ISR) with a working residency at the Spazio culturale des ISR Venice in 2006
Translations from architecture play an ever-increasing role in the compositions of Hans-Jürg Meier. On the one hand side the power of imagination is of fundamental importance in both arts. On the other both address the holistic invention of forms that develop in time and/or space. His compositions are bound in the coaction of nature, form and beauty in an attempt to provide a quasi-tangible experience of the sensible qualities of the musical material (tones, intervals, sound texture).

Hans-Jürg Meier
Alemannengasse 8
CH-4058 Basel
Fon: +41 (0)61 691 64 29
E-mail: hjmei@bluewin.ch


etwas quintlastig (1993)
for recorder, bass clarinet, viola, violoncello and two percussionists
Order No: 9704, sFr. 13.00
The melody is expanded in a tower of quints. A row of variations in three parts where the melody sounds as a whole only in the second part. Conductor is of use.

... wie wenn ein Strahl ohne Ende in ein Wasserbecken fällt (1994)
for choir without conductor and four mouth organs
Order No: 9705, sFr. 31.00
Text: Robert Musil Chronological organisation functions in place of the conductor via the ears of the participants. The short text fragments by Robert Musil surface again and again. For an amateur choir.

duo di due per due (1994)
for 2 violoncelli
Order No: 9706, sFr. 18.00
Two separated but simultaneously played voices (one from Markus Wettstein, and the other from Hans-Jürg Meier) with only one obligation: both voices are of identical duration.

das licht um einen schatten heller machen (1993/95)
for violin and trombone
Order No: 9703, sFr. 16.00
Three-part piece: grosse Entfernung - Nähe - Entfernung, ohne die innere Beziehung zu verlieren.

lesarten (1994/95)
for a-cappella choir
Order No: 9707, sFr. 23.00
Text: Bible / Liturgy The musical text by Josquin Desprez is read anew (unisonous, spoken, freely contrasted) and is almost original in some parts. Rather more suited to a small choir.

zeitsand (1995)
for two recorders, zink, trombone, violin and two violoncelli
Order No: 9708, sFr. 26.00
The 'Harmonies' by Erik Satie are the basis for several parts. Conductor of use.

d'une autre vie (1996)
for tenor recorder, violoncello and vibraphone
Order No: 9709, sFr. 29.00
Three parts: véhément / paralysé / -. The recorder requires amplification in parts.

fuss fassen (1996)
for any six instruments
Order No: 9710, sFr. 18.00
In addition to playing their main instrument, all players use a foot pedal in order to produce a percussion sound.

d'une autre vie (1996/97)
for three percussionists
Order No: 9714, sFr. 29.00
Three parts: véhément / paralysé / -.

fast (1997)
for tenor recorder and violoncello
Order No: 9712, sFr. 18.00
Annäherungen - Abstossungen - fast ein Zusammentreffen

par le murmure déchiré (1997/98)
for soprano, three Renaissance recorders, percussion and recorded material
Order No: 9711, sFr. 34.00
Texts: Samuel Beckett Seven poems from the 'Mirlitonnades' by Samuel Beckett form the textual base of this piece.

at (1998)
for alto flute, trombone, violin, viola and violoncello
Order No: 9713, sFr. 26.00
In the middle of the players sits a tub of water into which small pebbles are thrown. This triggers musical actions from the players.

gar vorgang hat (1998)
for bassoon, violoncello, mezzo-soprano and everyday objects
Order No: 9715, sFr. 29.00
Text: John Cage (Ernst Jandl) A five-part piece where the first (chaste) parts are based on an identical time structure, the later parts are much less restricted.

colours de la rose (1999/01)
for alto flute (flute) oboe (english horn) and soprano saxophone (alto saxophone)
Order No: 9721, sFr. 49.00
A nine-part piece - a confrontation between the music of Guillaume de Machaut and Hans-Jürg Meier.

a lo lejos (1999)
for speaker and a-cappella choir
Order No: 9723, sFr. 31.00
Text: Pablo Neruda While the speaker disappears onto the level of memory (becomes silent) the choir picks up the words (the words of Pablo Neruda) in song.

raum (1999/00)
for percussion, tenor recorder, viola and violoncello
Order No: 9725, sFr. 47.00
A music that evolves in extended development, for a performance location with a lot of reverberation. An additional tone installation can sound simultaneously.

abermals (2000)
for tenor recorder, oboe, soprano saxophone and bassoon
Order No: 9726, sFr. 34.00
Four conversational partners embroil, increasingly dramatically and then calm down in a multi-sounding room.

die ganze übrige spanne ist nicht leben, sondern zeit (2001/02)
for voice (alto), flute (pic, afl)bassoon, trumpet, vioal, violoncello and piano
Order No: 9727, sFr. 49.00
Text: Johann Peter Hebel, Hans-Jürg Meier Music to the story 'Unverhoffte Wiederbegegnung' by Johann Peter Hebel. Composed rhythmically open in parts.

nie setzt es ein (2002)
for flute, (bfl, cbfl), horn, two trumpets, trombone and tuba
Order No: 9729, sFr. 26.00
Helical searching for osculation points.

sogno nel casotto (2001/04)
for alphorn and accordion
Order No: 9730, sFr. 18.00
From wierd to joyful dreams in a lodge.

nodo (2002/04)
for saxophone quartet (2a, 2t)
Order No: 9731, sFr. 21.00
Knottings of time. Urging forwards - stillstand - floating without clues in time.

Heimetvogel (2004)
for mixed choir, alphorn and accordion
Order No: 9732, sFr. 16.00
Text: Josef Reinhart Arrangement of the folksong by Carl Hess.

schweifen (2004)
for twelve voices (
Order No: 9733, sFr. 49.00
Text: Francesco Petrarca, Hans-Jürg Meier The musicalisation of a journey by foot. For a professional ensemble; many noise-like parts.

la soglia sotto il soglio (2004/05)
for violin, violoncello and piano
Order No: 9734, sFr. 26.00
"This piece is based on a structure derived from the structure of the village of Soglio in Bergell. Meier succeeded in building an organic, undramatic yet increasingly enthralling form of attractive sonority - a poetic sound room." (Alfred Zimmerlin)

cerchio sul celio (2005)
for 3 tenor saxiphones and baritone saxophone
Order No: 9735, sFr. 23.00
Formally based on the floor plan of the 'Santo Stefano in Rotondo' commemoration church on the Monte Celio in Rome, the music flows alternately through the physical conditions of the water.

volgere lo sguardo al cielo (2005)
for oboe, trumpet in B (ossia soprano saxophone or clarinet in B), guitar
Order No: 9736, sFr. 23.00
"Rather a cloud of birds in the sky than one in the hand." (Eduardo Chillida)

durante il giorno iI sole oscura le stelle (2006)
for mixed choir (SSATB) and contrabass flute (also flute)
Order No: 9737, sFr. 60.00
Texts: Ottavio Rinuccini, Catullus, Ovid, Hans-Jürg Meier Ariadne's experiences with Theseus and Bacchus are related from the perspective of the Corona Borealis constellation: 1. Theseus and Ariadne: promise of marriage on the island of Nexus 2. Theseus: called upon by an aide to leave 3. Ariadne: abandonment and delusion 4. Ariadne and Bacchus: heavenly wedding and the casting of the crown into the sky, which remained in the form of the constellation

criptoportico (2006)
for transverse flute, natural horn, double bass
Order No: 9738, sFr. 18.00
Formal references lead to the grotesque paintings of the Domus Aurea rooms in Rome. As regards content, the sirens have their grand appearance.

miracoli (2007)
for violoncello
Order No: 9739, sFr. 13.00
One can twist and turn it as one will, the eye will always read the surface as a spatial object. With reference to the floor pattern of the church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli in Venice.

volta bianca (2007)
for recorder quintet (Renaissance instruments)
Order No: 9740, sFr. 49.00
(Incl. parts)
A fictive walk around the Palazzo Ducale di Urbino, where concerts with early music can also be found.

anfione (2007)
for saxophone and organ
Order No: 9741, sFr. 16.00
Spatial music to the Legend of Amphion.

apprendista stregone (mit flatterecho) (2007)
for 3 small drums
Order No: 9742, sFr. 18.00
Spatial music for a courtyard with a very strong echo.

Arianna: scena sesta - coro (2007)
for solo voice and a wind instrument
Order No: 9743, sFr. 16.00
Text: Ottavio Rinuccini Music in four parts, presented between the four sections of the madrigal version of "Lamento d'Arianna" in five voices (1610) by Claudio Monteverdi.

Schwärme von Lichtfischen (2008)
for 6 pianos and 8 pairs of high instruments (flutes, clarinets, trumpets, cornets, harps and violins)
Order No: 9744, sFr. 21.00
(Stimmen beim Autor)
Spatial composition based on a text by Elisabeth Binder (from "Orfeo"). For students. For students.

Kringel Kreisel Kranz (2008)
for 8 small drums
Order No: 9745, sFr. 18.00
(Stimmen beim Autor)
Rotary spatial composition. For students.

goldiger Gupfhupf (2008)
for 5 instrumental groups (piano and alto sax; alto sax and violoncello; violoncello and trombone; trombone and piano; e-bass and large drum) and 3 soloists (alphorn, violin and voice)
Order No: 9746, sFr. 23.00
(Stimmen beim Autor)
Several ups and downs in a hilly area. Enjoying the view on each occasion with a musical solo. For students.

les mots jaunes (plötzlich diese Ganzheit) (2008)
for voice (mezzo-soprano) and flute
Order No: 9747, sFr. 18.00
Text by Marianne Schuppe (staging: Hans-Jürg Meier) "Between two languages lies a room. Between language and music lies a room. And between reading, resp. listening and writing lies time. Translating is the setting of one's own words resp. signs into relation." (Marianne Schuppe)

??? (Echo) (2008)
for oboe solo
Order No: 9748, sFr. 16.00

annunciazione / ánemos - vom wehen des windes im vorhang (2008/09)
for soprano, altus and 9 instruments (recorder (or aulos), flute, clarinet, saxophone, violin, viola, violoncello, bandoneon, percussion)
Order No: 9749, sFr. 148.00
(Parts available from the composer)
Texts: Hans-Jürg Meier, Rainer Maria Rilke, Hilde Domin, Virginia Woolf, William Butler Yeats, Mona van Duyn, Dante Alighieri, antique authors and the Bible Profane consideration of the Annunciation scene. Sacred music in a double proscenium and a three-part main piece.

das dasein ist nicht das wesentliche (sestiere - prima lettura) (2010)
for panpipes, transverse flutes, recorders, clarinets, saxophone, horns, trombones, trumpets
Order No: 9752, sFr. 60.00

herbst (abtasten) (2010/11)
for 4 alto recorders, guitar, tromba marina, percussion
Order No: 9750, sFr. 21.00
A tentative musical exploration of the 1907 painting "Herbst (Schule)" by Marianne Werefkin.

...und die Musik, immer neu, baut im unbrauchbaren Raumů (2011)
for vocal quartet (SMezTB)
Order No: 9751, sFr. 52.00
Texts: Rainer Maria Rilke Music in four parts with texts from "Die Sonette an Orpheus" (1922): I Blume und Buch II Tempel im Gehör III Gesang ist Dasein IV Lied überm Land

wingert in der frühe (2011/12)
für Sopran, 4 Renaissancetraversflöten, Laute
Order No: 9753, sFr. 57.00
(Stimmen beim Komponisten)
Texte aus dem "Canticum Canticorum". Musik in sechs Teilen über die Kirche "Santa Maria Formosa" von Mauro Codussi (Venezia): I ort und zeit (gondola); II er besingt sie (caminada); III sie besingt ihn (caminada); IV minne (hortus conclusus); V wein (cielo); VI siegel (fuoco).

locus (2012)
for melodica and objects, saxophone (bar, a) trombone, violin, viola, double bass and voice (soprano)
Order No: 9754, sFr. 52.00
A trip to and into the Pantheon in Rome in four parts: Tympanon, Pronaos, Innenraum, Opaion. The performance places the Endless Column in Targo Jiu by Constantin Brancusi into the Pantheon.

gierseil (2013)
for electric guitar and live electronics

Musically crafted work about the 'crab'; inspired by "Ma fin est mon commencement" by Guillaume de Machaut.


vox dilecti mei
Hans-Jürg Meier: wingert in der frühe (2012)
Josquin des Prez; Andres de Silva; Marco Dall'Aquila; Antoine Brumel; Ludwig Senfl; Francesco Spinacino; Heinrich Isaak; Johannes Ghiselin; Orlando di Lasso; Vincenzo Ruffo; Hans Neusiedler; Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
(The Modena Consort; Ulrike Hofbauer; Keren Motseri)

Pan Classics
SME/EMS Order Nr.: 220
Price CHF: 30.-

Arte Quartett: Schweizer Saxophonquartette
Hans-Jürg Meier: nodo
Rico Gubler: Loud-speakers
Andréas Stauder: Figures - blocs - chemins
Gary Berger: bitmap
Nadir Vassena: 31 anatomie notturne
(Arte Quartett)

Musiques Suisses MGB CTS-M 95
SME/EMS Order Nr.: 42
Price CHF: 30.-

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