Marc Kilchenmann


Born in Bern he studied bassoon under Ingo Becker and Eckart Hübner. In 1998 he completed his studies and received his soloist's diploma. In 1995 / 96 he successfully completed a study under Urs Peter Schneider for which he received a distinction with emphasis on composition and chamber music. He also received a distinction when he received his soloist's diploma from the Academy of Music in Basel. Besides his activities as an orchestra member (Solo bassoonist of the Basel Sinfonietta and a committed addition to the Bern Symphony Orchestra), he also appears as a soloist as well as being active as a chamber musician ('Ensemble Antipodes', 'Orpheus Quintet'). He performs numerous world premieres as a chamber musician and soloist. - He is co-founder of the 'aart verlag Zürich' (publishers) from where it is possible to order his complete works.

Marc Kilchenmann
Quartierhof 3
CH-3013 Bern
Fon: +41 (0)31 33 11 737


Bland (1992/93)
for double bass solo
Order No: 9409, sFr. 23.00

Depression oder vom Absinken unter einen Normalwert (1993)
for piano solo
Order No: 9402, sFr. 13.00
Urs Peter Schneider produced this piece for a composed programme bearing the same title. It offers the interpreter numerous opportunities to develop freely.

Angebetete Bergwelt (1994)
for a kitted-out pianist (piano, large drum and voice)
Order No: 9406, sFr. 18.00

Nous ne serons plus jamais seul (1994)
Concept piece
for a minimum of people
Order No: 9407, sFr. 13.00

Manie - oder von der Tröstlichkeit eines Volksliedes (1993/95)
for 22 string instruments
Order No: 9405, sFr. 26.00

Divertimento barbaro (1995)
for violin, viola and electronic recorded material
Order No: 9408, sFr. 31.00

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