Rico Gubler


- Saxophone studies under the tutelage of Iwan Roth at the Basel Academy of Music, Marcus Weiss at Zurich Conservatory and Jean-Michel Goury in Paris
- Specialised in contemporary music, free improvisation and live electronic performances
- Received the Migros Fellowship Prize in 1997 and the Ernst Göhner Foundation Prize in 1998
- Studied composition under the tutelage of Balz Trümpy in Basel and Salvatore Sciarrino in Florence
- Prix du Club de mécénat suisse en France 1998
- Culture Prize of the canton of Zurich in 1999
- Stipend at the Künstlerhof Schreyahn in 2001
- Landis and Gyr composition stipend at London's Royal Academy in 2001/02
- Sabbatical year from the city of Zurich 2004
- Interpretation with the Catrall ensemble in 2005
- Stipend from the Dr. Robert and Lina Thyll-Dürr Foundation
Rico Gubler has taught saxophone at the Music School of Lugano since 2004.

Rico Gubler
Musikhochschule Lübeck
Edvard-Munch-Strasse 1
D-23564 Lübeck
Fon: +49 451 98 98 99 78
E-mail: ricogubler@neuemusik.ch
Web: http://www.ricogubler.ch



Fünf Studien für Klavier in sechs Sätzen (five studies for piano in five movements) (1994/95)
Order No: 8802, sFr. 23.00

erschöpfen - als kleines (1995/96)
for solo speaker, four screamers/whisperers, two chamber speaking choirs and bass flute
Order No: 8810, sFr. 60.00

Streif(f)lichter einer Morgenstunde (1996)
for violin solo
Order No: 8801, sFr. 18.00

taglio (1996)
for violin, violoncello and double bass
Order No: 8808, sFr. 18.00

Network (1997)
for flute, viola and harp
Order No: 8805, sFr. 31.00

Weh mir, wo nehm' ich, wenn es Winter ist, die Blumen... (1997)
for violin, viola, violoncello and piano
Order No: 8807, sFr. 16.00
(Parts avasilable from SME: sFr. 54.-; 54.-)

In Sand gemeisselt (1998)
for viola, violoncello and percussion
Order No: 8806, sFr. 21.00

Aus reifem Wachs (1998)
for violin solo
Order No: 8813, sFr. 13.00

Blätter von Kupferdraht (1998/99)
for marimba solo (with crotales, tuning fork and guiro)
Order No: 8811, sFr. 16.00

FAL (1999)
for bass clarinet / Eb clarinet, bassoon, horn, two violins, viola, violoncello and double-bass
Order No: 8812, sFr. 34.00
(Parts avasilable from SME/EMS: sFr. 28.-; 28.-)
Listen: Youtube Youtube

offen gefaltet (1999)
for violoncello solo
Order No: 8816, sFr. 16.00

ZIR (2000)
for clarinet, violin, viola and violoncello
Order No: 8817, sFr. 26.00

1. Suite für Viktor (first siute for viktor) (2000)
for clarinet, saxophone, violin, violoncello and piano
Order No: 8818, sFr. 49.00
(4 Suites for Viktor: sFr. 94.-; 94.-)
Quartet for bass clarinet, violin, violoncello, and piano [vetro] (3') Quintet [incontro] (2') Quartet for clarinet, baritone saxophone, violin and violoncello [with bundled energy] (1'45) Solo violin with accompaniment [like eternally broken glass] (4') Quintet II [Melody granulated] (2'30)
Listen: Youtube

2. Suite für Viktor (2nd suite for Viktor) (2000)
for clarinet, saxophone, violin, violoncello, and piano
Order No: 8819, sFr. 47.00
(4 Suites for Viktor: sFr. 94.-; 94.-)
Duo for violin and violoncello [battuto roughly a dance] (2) Trio for clarinet, soprano saxophone and violin [approximately] (215) Duo for clarinet and violoncello [mute ballet from billiard balls] (2) Solo for clarinet (with additional instrumentation) [uneasy, murky] (2) Trio for violin, violoncello and piano [inside pulsating] (2) Quartet for bass clarinet, baritone saxophone, violoncello, and piano with poco solo violin [conspicuously quiet] (2)
Listen: Youtube

3. Suite für Viktor (3rd suite for Viktor) (2000)
for clarinet, saxophone, violin, violoncello and piano
Order No: 8820, sFr. 49.00
(4 Suites for Viktor: sFr. 94.-; 94.-)
Trio for clarinet, tenor saxophone, and violoncello [too coarsely assembled, rupturing] (2') Quartet for clarinet, tenor saxophone, violin and piano [inert, of stone and columns] (2') Quintet [somewhat course, in the interstice] (1'45) Duo for violoncello and piano [reserved, singing I] (2') Duo for clarinet and tenor saxophone [linear, with defiance] (2'30) Duo violin and piano [reserved, singing II] (2')
Listen: Youtube

4. Suite für Viktor (4th suite for Viktor) (2000)
for clarinet, saxophone, violin, violoncello and piano
Order No: 8821, sFr. 47.00
(4 Suites for Viktor: sFr. 94.-; 94.-)
Quintet [Impulse, a choice] (2') Solo for violoncello [circling the resistance] (2'45) Quartet for clarinet, tenor saxophone, violoncello and piano [muted screaming] (2') Duo for baritone saxophone and violoncello [deep ground] (2') Duo for clarinet and piano [... and a waltz] (1'45) Duo for violin and soprano saxophone [exercise for the death of agogics] (2'30)
Listen: Youtube

KOR (2000/01)
for string quartet, tenor saxophone, percussion, bass clarinet and double-bass
Order No: 8822, sFr. 70.00
(Parts available from the composer)

KOR II (2001)
for string quartet
Order No: 8828, sFr. 42.00
(Parts: sFr. 18.-; 12.00)

KAL (2001)
for soprano, oboe, violoncello and piano
Order No: 8829, sFr. 52.00
Listen: Youtube

Ortswechsel, eine Winteroper (2001)
19 songs
for clarinet, bassoon, horn, string quartet and speaker
Order No: 8823, sFr. 57.00
Text: Gert Loschütz.

Roundabout - Zu Offenbachs op. 34 (2001/02)
for 2 Violoncelli
Order No: 8824, sFr. 36.00

En bref (2002)
for violin, clarinet, saxophone and piano
Order No: 8825, sFr. 55.00

Märchenerzählung (y-song) (2002)
for soprano and percussion
Order No: 8826, sFr. 16.00

rot Rosen, weiss Liljen (2002)
for wind quintet (fl.ob.cl.hn.bn)
Order No: 8827, sFr. 44.00
(Parts: sFr. 45.-; 29.00)

variationen für viktor, fiori per luigi (2003)
for clarinet, bassoon, horn, violin, viola, violoncello and double-bass
Order No: 8830, sFr. 18.00
(Parts: sFr. 54.-; 36.00)
Including the fourth movement of the septet op. 20 by Ludwig van Beethoven.

bored (2003)
Three small scenes
for small drum
Order No: 8831, sFr. 16.00
For a bored, speaking, small drum, a bored drumming voice or a bored, small drum and a bored voice.

IR (2003)
for clarinet, viola and piano
Order No: 8832, sFr. 36.00
Alpsegen - Choral and Waltz - Choral and New Year's Song - Choral, Scottish and Choral.

Turnaround (2005)
for wind and string quintet (fl.ob.cl.bn/hn/
Order No: 8833, sFr. 60.00
Evening News - Summertime - Today Special - Meteo - Sonntag 03.17 Uhr MEZ - Breaking News.

ECO (2005)
In reference to the nocturne K 286 by Mozart
for orchestra (4 string groups and 8 horns)
Order No: 8834, sFr. 34.00

Kubla Khan's Love Song (2005/06)
for piccolo and soprano saophone
Order No: 8835, sFr. 16.00

RIT (2007)
for horn in F, violin and piano
Order No: 8837, sFr. 73.00
(Parts included)
Listen: Youtube

Xanadu (2007/08)
for alto saxophone and piano
Order No: 8838, sFr. 47.00
(Sax part included)

The Slant Song (2008)
for alto saxophone and piano
Order No: 8839, sFr. 42.00

nel blu (2006)
13 marches for decimated plucked-instrument orchestra
for mandolin, guitar and harp
Order No: 8840, sFr. 39.00


Grammont Sélection 1. Uraufführungen aus dem Jahr 2007
Martin Jaggi: Trieb
Bettina Skrzypczak: Initial
Alfred Zimmerlin: Cuellis par la mémoire des voûtes
Eric Gaudibert: A... In Wonderland
Rico Gubler: RIT
Ulrich Gasser: Zeit/Züge II
William Blank: Dans l'instant
Xavier Dayer: D'un amour lancé
Mischa Käser: Drei Sätze für Streichquartett
Klaus Huber: Vida y muerte non son mundos contrarios

Musiques Suisses Grammont Porträt MGB CTS-M 115
SME/EMS Order Nr.: 209
Price CHF: 39.- (2 CDs)

Rico Gubler - Vier Suiten für Viktor
Rico Gubler:
Vier Suiten für Viktor
(Karin Dornbusch, Imke Frank, Sascha Armbruster, Stefan Häussler, Gabriel Walter)

ViktorArt 001
SME/EMS Order Nr.: 175
Price CHF: 30.-

Celloduo Frank/Schucan
Jacques Offenbach: Grand Duo concertant D-Dur für 2 Violoncelli op. 34 Nr. 1
Rico Gubler: Roundabout zu Offenbachs op. 34
Jacques Offenbach: Duo E-Dur für 2 Violoncelli op. 54 Nr. 2
Felix Baumann: anhaltend
(Martina Schucan; Imke Frank)

Musiques Suisses MGB CTS-M 91
SME/EMS Order Nr.: 100
Price CHF: 30.-

Arte Quartett: Schweizer Saxophonquartette
Hans-Jürg Meier: nodo
Rico Gubler: Loud-speakers
Andréas Stauder: Figures - blocs - chemins
Gary Berger: bitmap
Nadir Vassena: 31 anatomie notturne
(Arte Quartett)

Musiques Suisses MGB CTS-M 95
SME/EMS Order Nr.: 42
Price CHF: 30.-

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