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Mathias Steinauer was born in Basel and studied composition (Robert Suter / Roland Moser) and music theory at Basel Academy of Music.
From 1986 until 1988 he studied composition under György Kurtág in Budapest. He has taught music theory, chamber music, and runs courses for new music and composition at the ‘Musik und Theater Zürich / Winterthur’ since 1986. He has performed and/or lectured at various schools of music, symposia and festivals in many European countries, Azerbaijan, China, Brazil, North America and Japan. Mathias Steinauer is the co-founder of the self-publishing community ADESSO. He is a member of the board of directors of the Swiss Society for New Music (SGNM) and Oggimusica. He was also the artistic director of the ISCM New World Music Days ‘trans_it’ in 2004. Mathias Steinauer lives in Tessin.

Mathias Steinauer
CH-6951 Corticiasca
Fon: +41 (0)91 944 13 26



* . *, op. 1.1 (1984)
for xylophone, marimba and two musical boxes (total of 3 percussionists)
Order No: 4901, sFr. 23.00
An almost scenic confrontation: childlike, self-centred play contrasts with perfectionist, cold virtuosity. Music boxes are available on loan for the performance.

AnDante, op. 1.2 (1985)
for percussion trio and large electronic tape loop
Order No: 4915, sFr. 23.00
(Tape loop available on loan)

Musik in 5 Teilen, op. 2 (1986)
for three violoncelli and two percussionists
Order No: 4916, sFr. 42.00
(Material for performance availbale on loan)
A play with formal superimpositions.

3 Skizzen für Streichquartett, op. 3 (3 sketches for string quartet, op. 3) (1986)
Order No: 4902, sFr. 16.00
Slightly scenic. In the third sketch, all four play together on the cello.

Visions, op. 5 (1987)
for wind ensemble, two percussionists and piano (2(pic,fl-g)2.2(bcl)2/
Order No: 4903, sFr. 31.00
In three movements; Grande danse froide, nine microludes, epilogue. Engraved in Nuremberg's ancient fire bell: "When I, the bell ring, it never means a futile thing (...)". - As is inscribed in my memory, the chemical catastrophe at Schweizerhalle in Basel on 01.11.86. Numerous bell sounds are featured and there is a personal attempt to portray the event through both poles of the work. This piece is written for music students.

Duat, op. 6 (1988)
14 signs
for (grave) chamber orchestra (2(pic).2.2(bcl).2/
Order No: 4904, sFr. 39.00
Quasi-archaeological finds - from the Egyptian death books to the blurred vision of twentieth century man. Each ‘Zeichen’ (sign) can be performed separately.

... wie Risse im Schatten..., op. 7 (1988/89)
for flute and orchestra (Solo: pic.fl-c.fl-g.bfl/ 2(pic:fl-g).1(ca).2(bcl).1(cbn)/1.0.0.btbn.0/3-5perc/
Order No: 4905, sFr. 49.00
Based on Jean Gebser's idea of the five-phase conscience changes of humanity (archaic, magic, mythic, mental, integral), the soloist personifies the individual changing in its environment.
Listen: Youtube

Aussch(l)uss, op. 7.1 / EinSchluss, op. 11.5 (1988/98)
for alto flute, violoncello and harpsichord plus recitation ad libitum
Order No: 4918, sFr. 21.00
'Aussch(l)uss' for alto flute, violoncello and harpsichord (1988/98) (2'30) 'EinSchluss' for violoncello, harpsichord and recitation ad lib. (1998) (3') Text (ad lib.) by Christian Uetz.

Blütenlese, op. 8 (1990/91)
Eighteen prints, still lives and grotesques
for solo soprano, mixed choir, chamber choir, childrens voice and instrumental ensemble (cl(bcl)/ and a couple of easy to play additional instruments
Order No: 4906, sFr. 62.00
Texts: Giuseppe Ungaretti, Hans Saner, Rudolf Rechsteiner, E.M. Cioran, R. Heinzelmann, M. Buselmeier, Elias Canetti, Hermann Burger, G. Bachmann, Ph. Luidl, B. Oleschinski, Erich Fried A disruptive, conflicting cycle with a tendency to decline (from blinding light to ferocious darkness). To be played exclusively in a church and utilising the whole room.

Speculum sibyllinum, op. 9 (1992)
for 6 voices (mezzo-soprano, altus, 2 tenors, baritone, bass), 5 recorder-players (div. instr.), 6 viola da gambas (2 disc, A, 2 T/B, violone in D) and two percussion instruments
Order No: 4908, sFr. 44.00
An adaptation of newly found manuscripts written by an anonymous twelfth-century composer in the Vatican, within which aspects of the whole of musical history are anticipated. Spatial music.

Omaggio ad Italo Calvino, op. 10 (1993/94)
for clarinet (horn), violin (violoncello) and partly prepared piano
Order No: 4909, sFr. 31.00
Version I: (op. 10a) Version II: (op. 10b) After three fantastical poems about the origin of the world.
Listen: Youtube

Undici duettini, op. 11.1 (1991)
for violin and viola
Order No: 4907, sFr. 23.00
Very intimate music. Individual duets can be performed in any combination. Varying degrees of difficulty.

Die gehaubte Braut, op. 11.2 (1994)
A little wedding music
for mezzo-soprano and organ
Order No: 4910, sFr. 16.00
Text: some Japanese Haiku, Baroque lyrics, and computer terms. Lovingly ironic music. Cyclic, in 12 short sections.

Jahreszeiten ?, op. 11.3 (1995)
for percussion trio resp. string trio
Order No: 4911, sFr. 13.00
Slightly scenic. For glockenspiel, three flexatones, wind machine, two tubular bells (d#''' - d#'''') and a wind wheel with remote control.

Il rallentamento della sarabanda, op. 12 (1993/95)
for piano/percussion and orchestra (2(pic).3(3ca).2.2/
Order No: 4912, sFr. 57.00
An attempt at a musical commentary on the poetry of the Sarabande - its presumed Aztec origins and its almost 200 year long chastisement. Spatial music. Can also be performed by a good amateur orchestra. Parts, small additional instruments, and preparation devices for the piano (Steinway D-274) are available on loan.
Listen: Youtube

Rumori cardiaci, op. 13 (1996)
for flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano
Order No: 4913, sFr. 18.00
A short nocturne for the first heart beat of the ensemble 'Oggimusica'.
Listen: Youtube

Nacht - Hirngespinste für Kammerorchester, op. 14 (1996/97)
Order No: 4914, sFr. 39.00
An almost entirely de-mystified night dealing with two typical nocturnal behaviour patterns. The musical material has been determined by the nightly changes of pulse rate, body temperature, brainstream and breathing.
Listen: Youtube

Koren-Fantasien, op. 15 (1997)
27 imaginations - studies on Greek antiquity (approaches to stone)
for double-reed quartet (double-reed instruments, heckelephone, bassoon), orator/singer (bass/baritone) and one percussion
Order No: 4919, sFr. 70.00
Texts: Aristoteles, Hippokrates, Ch. Mullack, Xenophon, Aristophanes, Hans Saner, Platon, Leonides von Tarent, Epikur

Phantasos - oder "Pavarotti's Traum", op. 16 (1999)
for flute solo (and one microphone stand)
Order No: 4923, sFr. 18.00

Klangfäden.Einzeln, op. 17.1 (1999)
for saxophone, piano and percussion
Order No: 4924, sFr. 21.00
1. Version: für Saxophon, Klavier und Schlagzeug (1999) (SME/EMS) 2. Version: für Flöte, Klarinette, Violine, Violoncello, Klavier und Schlagzeug (2005) (Adesso)
Listen: Youtube

Steinschlag, op. 17.2 (1999)
for lithophone (c-c4) or marimba
Order No: 4925, sFr. 18.00
Listen: Youtube

Sott'acqua, op. 17.3 (1999)
for soprano saxophone, horn, trombone, percussion and piano
Order No: 4926, sFr. 29.00
Partly with an improvised second piano (ad libitum).
Listen: Youtube


Ensemble Oggi Musica meets Irène Schweizer
Mathias Steinauer: Sott'acqua
Irène Schweizer: Improvvisazioni
Nadir Vassena: Fuori era ancora la notte
Alfred Zimmerlin: Oggi-movendo
Alessandro Solbiati: Sonata
Mathias Gloor: Feels like 59
(Irène Schweizer; Oggi Musica)

Altri Suoni ASO 54
SME/EMS Order Nr.: 137
Price CHF: 30.-

Mathias Steinauer: sarabanda
Mathias Steinauer:
... Wie Risse im Schatten...,op. 7
(Keller; Radio Sinfonieorchester Bsel; Wulff)
Omaggio ad Italo Calvino, op. 10 a
(Sakakibara, Hefti, Treiber, Henneberger)
Il Rallentamento della Sarabanda, op. 12
(Ott; Akademisches Orchester Zürich; Schläfli)

Altri Suoni ASO 28
SME/EMS Order Nr.: 136
Price CHF: 30.-

Felix Renggli
Georg Philipp Telemann: 12 Fantaisies à Travers sans Basse
Bettina Skrzypczak: Mouvement
Xavier Dayer: To the sea (Hommage an Cy Twombly)
Mathias Steinauer: Phantasos - oder "Pavarotti's Traum" op. 16
Robert Suter: Notturno Appassionato
Roland Moser: Intermezzo
Heinz Holliger: Passacanaille
Jacques Wildberger: Fantasia sul re
Nadir Vassena: Come perduto nel mare un bambino
Christoph Neidhöfer: Interlude
Hans Ulrich Lehmann: Tele-Man(n)ia
Bernhard A. Batschelet: Intrata (Auftakt zu einem barocken Stück)

Musiques Suisses MGB CTS-M 73
SME/EMS Order Nr.: 134
Price CHF: 39.- (2 CDs)

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