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Daniel Ott was born in Grub (Appenzell, Switzerland), and later grew up in the Basle region. In 1980, he gained his piano diploma and went on to teach piano and music in the Basle and Graubünden regions. At the same time, he was also involved in the establishment of various independent theatre groups, including a horse-drawn wagon tour through Switzerland with a street theatre group. Theatre studies took him to Paris and London between 1983 and 1985, and from 1995 to 1990, he studied composition with Nicolaus A. Huber at the Folkwang University, Essen, and with Klaus Huber at the Freiburg University of Music. Since 1990, Daniel Ott has been working on a freelance basis as composer, pianist and actor, mainly in the field of new music theatre - and has also been involved in interdisciplinary and room/landscape-related works. In 1990, he founded the "Rümlingen New Music Festival". Between 1995 and 2004 he has been teaching experimental music at the University of Arts in Berlin. In 1999/2000, he wrote the music theatre cycle "ojota I-IV". In 2000, he composed "klangkörperklang" – music for Peter Zuthmor's Swiss Pavilion (EXPO Hanover 2000). This works were followed by landscape compositions for the Harbour Sassnitz/Rügen (2002), the Heiligkreuz/Entlebuch (2003) and the river Neisse between Görlitz and Zgorzelec (2005). In 2005, he became professor for composition and experimental music at the University of arts, Berlin.

Daniel Ott
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Crellestraße 22
D-10827 Berlin
Fon: +49 30 78 70 33 50
E-mail: info@kultkom.de
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im museum (1987)
Musical theatre piece
for a group of children and piccolo, bass clarinet, tuba, accordion, mandolin (guitar), violin and four percussion instruments
Order No: 4002, sFr. 31.00
Texts: Folksong Can be played individually: ‘kinderspiele’ for 2 percussionists (glock.vib.cym) [2'] ‘le ranz des vaches’ for 6 tuned cow bells (f#+2,g2,d2,g#+3,a3,e4), one player [2']

molto semplicemente. per teodoro (1989)
for accordion
Order No: 4003, sFr. 23.00
Half-scenic composition in response to the chemical disaster of 1986 in Schweizerhalle (Baselland).

mutterseelenallein (1990)
for deep female voice, tenor saxophone and accordion
Order No: 4004, sFr. 16.00
Music for the play ‘monologue’ by Simone de Beauvoir (based on a text from ‘The Bundle’ by Edward Bono).

para alberto alarcon (1991)
Scenic composition
for one dancer with castanets
Order No: 4005, sFr. 23.00
A musical portrait woven with words from the castanet story of the Spanish Civil War by Frederico Garcia Lorca: for diverse castanets of assorted origin.

zweite liebe (1991)
for one percussionist
Order No: 4006, sFr. 16.00
Music for the play ‘zweite liebe’ (second love) by Jurg Amann. Sixty percussion interventions, each between five and twenty minutes in duration; can also be performed without the play.

skizze - 7 1/2 bruchstücke (1992)
Scenic composition
for bass clarinet, percussion and string trio
Order No: 4007, sFr. 23.00
A portrait study, ‘Bilderbogen’, developed from discussions with members of the ‘Ensemble Recherche’ concerning their relationship with their instruments; also available as a film version: ‘7 ½’ (together with Reinhard Manz) Distribution: Video-Genossenschaft Basel, Postfach 511, CH-4005 Basel.

jammermusik (1993)
for 6-12 players, variable instrumentation (obligatory drums, wind and accordion)
Order No: 4008, sFr. 13.00
Extract from a larger, open-air theatre composition.

17 1/2 (1995)
Scenic composition
for 4 guitars, 2 mandolins, dulcimer, viola, 2 double bass, saxophone, trombone, tuba, accordeon and three percussion instruments
Order No: 4009, sFr. 55.00
Spatial composition based on the sound memories of the musicians/singers.


Daniel Ott: klangkörperklang
Daniel Ott: Klangkörperklang - zum Klangkörper von Peter Zumthor
(Anna Clementi; Co Streiff; Wu Wie; Ruedi Häusermann; Jean-Jacques Pedretti; Töbi Tobler; Vladimir Blagojevic u.a.)

Musiques Suisses MGB 6190
SME/EMS Order Nr.: 55
Price CHF: 30.-

Eric Gaudibert: Feuillages
(Ensemble du CIP, Genève)
Gérard Zinsstag: Diffractions
(Basler Schlagzeugtrio)
Daniel Ott: zampugn
(Ensemble du CIP, Genève)
Michael Jarrell: Assonance VII
(Marc Sapin)
Pierre Favre: Sound Tales
(Basler Schlagzeugtrio)
Sergio Menozzi: Quand les Ténèbres viendront...
(Ensemble du CIP, Genève)

Jecklin szene sCHweiz JS 304-2
SME/EMS Order Nr.: 6
Price CHF: 30.-

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"7 1/2", gemeinsam mit Reinhard Manz ("Point de vue", Flughafenstr. 20, CH-4056 Basel)
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"Klangkörper" Dokumentarfilm von Bruno Moll ("T&C Film Ag", Seestr. 41a, CH-8002 Zürich)

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