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Born in Berne, Josef Kost studied at the Lucerne, Cologne and Basel schools of music graduating in choral conducting, organ (church music A, concert diploma for organ) and music theory. He studied composition under Jürg Baur, Robert Suter, Christobal Halffter and Edison Denissow. Since 1981 Kost teaches in the musical theory disciplines at the 'Musikhochschule Luzern' (Lucerne School of Music) where he is professor for music theory and composition. From 1986 until 2004 he conducted the Ensemble for New Music at the same institution. He has conducted as a guest at the Swiss Musicians Festival in Lucerne, the Basel Music Forum and during exchanges with the music schools in Krakau and Leipzig. He has produced LP and radio recordings (also of his own work) with various ensembles including with the 'Joueurs de flute' (Jecklin Edition JD 707 - 2) and the Lucerne Festival Strings (Armida FS 196 - 10). From 1995 until 2004 Josef Kost was also cantor (principal church musician) at the Paulus and Franziskaner churches in Lucerne where he worked with professional vocal ensembles.
Josef Kost lives in Lucerne. His works are available from the Swiss Music Edition (SME/EMS) in Lucerne.

Josef Kost
Berglistr. 21
CH-6005 Luzern
Fon: +41 (0)41 310 74 54



Orgel-Partita über das Lied "Singet Lob unserm Gott" (1981/82)
for a double manual organ
Order No: 2921, sFr. 21.00
Six short, contrasting movements reflect the hymn's melody. Can be used liturgically or concertante. Lower to intermediate level of difficulty.
Listen: Youtube

Streichquartett (string quartet) (1985/87 (rev. 1992))
Order No: 2901, sFr. 31.00
Four movements. Because of the variety and the density of its articulation, this piece is technically demanding.

Reflexionen (1988)
Paraphrase of the horn solos from 'Des Canyons aux Etoiles' by Olivier Messiaen
8 horns
Order No: 2902, sFr. 31.00
As this is a kind of spatial music, the eight horns are positioned in a circle around the audience. A conductor is essential. Standard playing techniques, but the part of the first horn is difficult.

Sectio aurea (1988/89)
Toccata for organ
for a double-manual organ
Order No: 2903, sFr. 26.00
A virtuoso piece with almost continuous movement, broken only with short moments of relaxation.

Intermezzo (1989)
for 8 flutes
Order No: 2904, sFr. 23.00
In these compositions, all flutes, from piccolo to bass flute, receive a variety of treatment being set both soloistic and chorally (two piccolo, eight flutes in C, five alto flutes in G, three bass flutes in C, one bass flute in G). Moderate level of difficulty, without any special playing techniques.
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Begegnungen (1989/90)
Seven small pieces (three trios, three sextets, one nonet)
for instrumental ensemble (
Order No: 2905, sFr. 21.00
After the trios finish playing their piece, a meeting is brought about whereby three sextets and a nonet are formed - their parts are then played simultaneously. In this way, the musical character of the individual parts is heard in relation each other. Only moderately difficult to play but does require the help of a conductor.

Vesper (1994)
for amateur choir, youth choir (both also speaking choirs), congregation, mezzo-soprano, baritone, liturgist, harp, organ and two percussion
Order No: 2906, sFr. 55.00
Texts: Bible / Liturgy A composition in various instrumental formations based on texts from Psalms and paraphrases on the subject of creation. Both the youth and amateur choirs are accompanied by the organ or percussion instruments; the singing congregation is accompanied by harp and drums, and the female and male cantor are accompanied by marimbaphone. Intermediate to difficult level. Liturgical duration: 60'

Non plus - pas encore (1994)
for piano
Order No: 2907, sFr. 18.00
Characterised by stark contrasts with regard to range, tempo and movement density. Virtuosic chordal passages are followed by extremely slow, soft monophonic passages. Very low register alternating with very high.

Soliloquio roteante (1994)
for two flutes, trombone and four-handed piano
Order No: 2908, sFr. 23.00
A virtuosic chamber musical piece designed for advanced amateurs.

Cinq Poèmes (1985/95)
for flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, violin, viola and violoncello
Order No: 2909, sFr. 34.00
The sextet musicalises five poems through various means e.g. the metre offers a background of incessant rhythmic variation, the rhyming scheme dictates the form, even aspects of the content form the base of the instrumentation. Medium level of difficulty. Requires a conductor.

Concerto for Violin and String Orchestra ( (1995)
"Lot's Wife"
for solo violin and twelve strings (
Order No: 2910, sFr. 36.00
From the scene in the Old Testament where Lot's wife transgresses while fleeing Sodom, she looks back and ossifies. The violin concerto addresses the inner mental activity. The perception of the self can be a defensive, rigid death of feeling, or it can lead to a new life. Demanding for both soloist and ensemble.

Szenenwechsel (1995/96)
for speaker, vocal ensemble (3S3A3T3B) and chamber orchestra (
Order No: 2911, sFr. 39.00
Text: Thea Uhr Four poems by the poet Thea Uhr from Nidwalden are recited with an accompaniment and commentary by a vocal ensemble and orchestra. The vocal ensemble has a rather difficult task, the orchestra less so.

... du wirst schon sehen ... (1996)
for boy and mixed choir, clarinet, harp and double bass
Order No: 2912, sFr. 29.00
Text: Hans Leopold Davi To stimulate moments of pause and contemplation, whether at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of life. Medium level of difficulty - also suitable for an amateur choir.

"Ohne Titel" (1996)
for violin, guitar, double bass and strings (
Order No: 2913, sFr. 29.00
A major, a minor, an augmented and a diminished triad, giving all twelve tones of an octave, are woven together harmonically and melodically (serial). Predominantly modal rhythm, determinate sound room, differentiated dynamic. Three short expressionistic pieces. Difficult.
Listen: Youtube

Et coeperunt loqui ("... und sie begannen zu reden ...") (1996/97)
26' 30
for large amateur choir, vocal ensemble, (amateur) youth choir, solo (T and speaking role), orchestra ( and organ
Order No: 2914, sFr. 47.00
Texts: Bible / Liturgy Music for the Pentecostal Liturgy with Latin text. Seven parts distributed throughout the service. The choir and instrumental groups are distributed throughout and incorporate the whole church room. The congregation sings (with accompaniment) four integrated Gregorian chants. Easy to intermediate level of difficulty. Liturgical performance duration: 65'

Un Quatuor d'airs dialogués (1999)
for flute, violin, viola and violoncello
Order No: 2915, sFr. 34.00
This very difficult piece is based on the flute quartet by W.A. Mozart.

... und er verwunderte sich... - Musik zu Visionen von Niklaus von Flüe (1999)
for soli (ST) choir (large choir SAB, small vocal ensemble) and orchestra (
Order No: 2916, sFr. 70.00
Texts: Niklaus von Flüe Easy to easy/intermediate for amateur choir and semi professional vocal ensemble. Liturgical performance duration 50- 65

In monte oliveti - zwei Sätze (2002)
Music for the Maundy Thursday liturgy
for bassoon solo
Order No: 2918, sFr. 18.00
Intermediate level of difficulty with no particularly special playing techniques.

for chamber orchestra ( stringed))
Order No: 2919, sFr. 65.00
In three Movements.

Andante relaxando (2003)
for large organ
Order No: 2920, sFr. 18.00
This work uses the tonal and dynamic possibilities of a large organ. An excellent 16-foot register is necessary for an adequate interpretation. Highly demanding.

Opus Lucernense (2007)
for alto saxophone and organ (preferably 3 manual; 2 manual possible)
Order No: 2922, sFr. 29.00
(Part for saxophone: 32.-)
Four movements (2nd and 4th movement with improvised cadenza).

Opus Muriense (2007)
for organ (preferably 3 manual; 2 manual possible)
Order No: 2923, sFr. 26.00


Les Joueurs de flûte: Counterpoints
W.A. Mozart: Ouvertüre zur Oper "Zauberflöte"
Edison Denisov: Variations sur un thème de Mozart
W.A. Mozart: Orgelstück für eine Uhr, KV 608
Josef Kost: Intermezzo
J.S. Bach: Ricercare a sei
Steve Reich: Vermont Counterpoint
Arnold Schönberg: Kanons
(Les Joueuers de flûte)

Jecklin Edition JD 707-2
SME/EMS Order Nr.: 204
Price CHF: 30.-

Aargauer Komponisten im 20. Jahrhundert
Werner Wehrli: Introduktion, Passacaglia und Fuge, op. 41
Werner Wehrli: Choralvorspiele, op. 14
Hermann Suter: "Mesto" aus der Sonate für Orgel solo
Ernst Widmer: Praeludium und Toccata, op. 7
Walter Müller von Kulm: Toccata, op. 60, 2
Robert Blum: Christe, du Lamm Gottes
Josef Kost: Partita über "Singet Lob unserm Gott"
Raphael Staubli: Fragmentum per organo
(Tobias Willi, Marlène Flammer, Jonas Herzog)

Musiques Suisses MGB 6253
SME/EMS Order Nr.: 178
Price CHF: 30.-

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