Frédéric Perreten

* 1978

Frédéric Perreten is a Swiss composer with Peruvian origins. His interest in music started at the age of 6 and he made his way from the recorder to the violin to the synthesiser and ultimately to the piano. He finished his university studies with a degree in social sciences and a postgraduate diploma in sociology. Parallel to his studies, he attended introduction to composition courses headed by Nicolas Bolens at the Conservatoire de Genève. He has participated in the seminaries of Michael Jarrell and eminent guests lecturers such as Klaus Huber, Emmanuel Nunes and Henri Dutilleux. He completed his studies in composition in the class of Xavier Dayer and Eric Gaudibert at the Bern University of the Arts with a bachelors degree in June 2009. He currently studies composition at the Conservatoire de Strassbourg under Mark André. The echo of sociology has returned and Frédéric Perreten now also carries out research into the profession of the composer.
His works range from solo pieces to chamber operas and include pieces for ensemble and musical theatre. Works by Frédéric Perreten were played at the Biennale Bern, the Musikfestival Bern, in Thun, Biel, Strassbourg and recently in Geneva.

Frédéric Perreten
Kochhannstr. 17
D-10249 Berlin
Fon: +41(0)76 424 30 41


Piece without title (2008)
for violin solo
Order No: 18801, sFr. 16.00

Gris (2009)
for cello and orchestra (2,2,2,2 - 4,2,2,1 - perc(2) - strings)
Order No: 18802, sFr. 21.00

Action d'apesanteur (2010)
for string quartet
Order No: 18803, sFr. 18.00

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