Azumi Okamura

* 21.05.1973

Born in Kanagawa (Japan) Azumi Okamura studied music at the University of Music in Senzoku-Gakuen (composition with Yoko Kososhi, conducting with Kazuyoshi Akiyama) and continued her studies at the Conservatoire de Lausanne (conducting with Hervé Klopfenstein, orchestration with William Blank, cembalo with Jovanka Marville, piano with Daniel Spiegelberg) and at the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana (conducting of contemporary music with Giorgio Bernasconi, organology with Nadir Vassena).
She works as a composer and brass-band conductor. The premiere of her "Appel de la Montagne" was broadcast live by Radio Suisse Romande in 2009. Azumi Okamura is director and conductor of the two bands "La Lyre de Monthey" and "Fanfare Cimo".

Azumi Okamura
Chemin de la chapelle 1
CH-1071 Chexbres
Fon: +41 (0)21 634 78 73



Sonatine (1994/2010)
for viola solo
Order No: 18601, sFr. 16.00
An early work revised in 2010. It is written in the form of a sonatina and contains some parts of a deformed waltz. Although there is no contemporary writing it is rather difficult because of constant double stops.

Je m'éveille la nuit subitement (2010)
for violin solo
Order No: 18602, sFr. 13.00
The title was taken from a poem by Fernando Pessoa. First part: playing of different timbres (quarter-tones, sul tasto, flautando, sul ponticello etc.) with regard to the dynamics pp-p-mp. The second part is inspired by the preludes of Louis Couperin and has to be played freely as far as rhythm and combinations are concerned, but must respect the order of the notes. Difficult.

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