Luigi Laveglia

* 09.04.1971

The Swiss composer Luigi Laveglia was raised in Lucerne. Following completion of his 'Matura' studies, Luigi studied piano under the tutelage of H. Sakagami in Lucerne and K.-A. Kolly in Winterthur. 1999 saw a change of direction when Luigi turned his attention to composition and music theory. He began the appropriate courses at the Basel School of Music (Musikhochschule Basel), studying composition and counterpoint under the tutelage of Detlev Müller-Siemens and harmonics under Roland Moser. He completed these studies in 2004.
Since 2002, his work has been presented to a broad audience through various projects, those worthy of particular mention here include his time as the Composer in Residence for the Basler Musikmonat 2001 (Klanginstallation BlackBox01), the production "encantadas die verwunschenen inseln" (after texts by H. Melville) at the Lucerne City Theatre and the world premiere of "come & see me in the green hotel" under the direction of Kevin Griffiths, which took place on the occasion of the promotional tour of the Swiss Pavilion for the World Exhibition in Aichi (Japan) in Tokyo in the presence of the then Federal President Joseph Deiss. Luigi Laveglia was three-times winner of the Kiefer-Hablitzel Fellowship Prize for Composition. He received the Canton and City of Lucerne's promotional award for composed music in 2004. Luigi was a finalist in the renowned Robert Helps International Composition Competition.
The Glass Farm Ensemble world premiered two of his pieces in New York City in 2008.

Luigi Laveglia
Frutteggstr. 75
CH-6170 Schüpfheim
Fon: +41 (0)41 484 13 29


silence into cool whispered (2007)
for two pianos
Order No: 17801, sFr. 34.00
(Set with 2 scores)
Virtuosic chamber music. Full of energy with a narrative character. The title refers to the special ending.

Black Bird (2008)
for clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano
Order No: 17802, sFr. 21.00
(Parts SME: sFr. 30.-; 30.-)
This is actually a prelude for Messiaen's "Quatuor pour la fin du temps" and written for the same instrumentation. It does, however, stand just as well performed on its own. The music is very colourful, partly abrupt with a very intimate middle part

Dinge, dange, donge... (2008)
for piano
Order No: 17803, sFr. 31.00

Code of Light (2007/08)
for flute, bass clarinet, violin and piano
Order No: 17804, sFr. 34.00
(Parts SME: sFr. 48.-; 48.-)
Two movements (part one, part two) My occupation with light and its spectrum of colours (in a poetic rather than scientific sense) formed the starting point of this composition. It lead to extraordinary answers on a formal and associative level. Intense and diversified at the same time.

An obsession, a prayer & something else (2008)
for piano
Order No: 17805, sFr. 36.00
Three very different, quite difficult pieces for piano, which have been combined to form a trilogy but also function very well as individual pieces.

Alalume (2008)
for violin and piano
Order No: 17806, sFr. 34.00
(incl. violin part)
After the poem bearing the same title by E. A. Poe. Very dark and foreboding music

REVERSE (2008)
for piano
Order No: 17807, sFr. 16.00
A very rhythmically urgent piece, which makes a quasi reversal in the middle

Black Mirror (2008)
for piano
Order No: 17808, sFr. 16.00
Two thoughts (not my own), mirrored in a black mirror

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