Christian Siegmann


Christian Siegmann was born in St Gallen, Switzerland. He works as a freelance conductor and composer.
Following his graduation as bassoonist from the conservatory in Zurich and the Motzarteum in Salzburg, he studied conducting in Basel and Trossingen. The conducting of various orchestras and choirs constitutes his day-to-day musical work. Each year he devotes himself to particular professional projects with tours and concerts. He works as guest conductor with orchestras from Germany, Czech Republic, Rumania, Hungary and Slovakia.
He is founder and director of the Swiss Chamber Orchestra, a unification of the best Swiss instrumental soloists for his unique interpretations. He has received various awards and first prizes at international competition level. Numerous CD recordings and many and varied recordings for radio both nationally and internationally document his tireless efforts to premiere contemporary composers.

Christian Siegmann
Güetliweg 31
CH-8132 Hinteregg
Fon: +41 (0)1 984 27 87


Omnia ab uno (1999)
for orchestra (
Order No: 16703, sFr. 148.00

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