Martin Metzger


Martin Metzger was born in Zurich and raised in Pratteln. At the age of 15 he heard Abbey Road by The Beatles and began writing songs.
1978 until 1979 Travels the Caribbean and becomes engrossed in mariachi music, salsa and reggae
1980 until 1984 Returns to Switzerland and makes a name for himself on founding and touring German-speaking Switzerland with his group Oropax
1984 Travels for two years to East Asia in order to learn about the traditional music of Japan, Korea and China
1986 until 1989 Studies school music and composition at the Musikhochschule Basel
As a composer, Martin Metzger developed a new musical style which sat between Afro American rhythm and a harmony / melody based on the so-called new music of the 20th century. The most important performances of recent times include: "Hinter em Minschter" (2000) for male choir and electric guitar, "Basel West" (2001) hip-hop piece for symphony orchestra, "Grossmutters Glaszwiebel" (2004) for speaking choir, "Die Käserei in der Vehfreude" (2006) an opera based on original texts by Gotthelf.
Martin Metzger lives in Muttenz and teaches music at the Bäumlihof College in Basel.

Martin Metzger
Gartenstrasse 67
CH-4132 Muttenz
Fon: +41 (0)61 599 56 12


Kleine HipHop-Romanze (2000)
for piano
Order No: 15624, sFr. 21.00

"Röseligarte"-Suite (2001)
for choir (SSAB)
Order No: 15619, sFr. 34.00
Text: Folksong 1. Frisch fröhlich wend wir singen 2. Ds Land us und ds Land i 3. Es isch kei sölige Stamme 4. Mi Schatz we du tuesch z Chilche gah 5. Bin alben e wärti Tächter gsi 6. I ds Elsis abe wott e Floh 7. Ist es denn auch wirklich wahr

Du Doppelgänger (2001)
for trumpet, alto saxophone, organ, glockenspiel, vibraphone, marimba and tubular bells (1 player)
Order No: 15622, sFr. 34.00

Take Three (2003)
for wind orchestra (pic.2.2(ca).Ebcl.3.bcl.4sx.2/4.4.4.btbn.euph.2tba.cbtba/5perc)
Order No: 15625, sFr. 91.00
1. About Berries and Swiss Fondue 2. Patchwork Blues 3. At the Chicken-Yard (A rock'n'roll in triple time)

Viersprachige Schweiz: Idiomatics - möds da dir - modi di dire - Redensarten (2003)
for mixed choir
Order No: 15626, sFr. 23.00
Text: Everyday advertising and media language Free secular composition in folksong tone with phrases from the four official languages of Switzerland. HipHop fans from the choir can be cast for the finger clicks and two rap voices in the final part.

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