Stefan Feingold


Stefan Feingold was born in Berne. He studied the classic guitar and transverse flute at the Fribourg Conservatory. He undertook further training in Vienna and Salzburg (Pepe Romero). He studied composition at the ‘Musikhochschule Wien’ (Vienna School of Music). This, while studying under Herbert Zagler, enabled him to work on various commissions for various chamber and orchestral scores. He received a special prize for composition at the International Music Seminar for New Music in Vienna in 1992. He has performed numerous solo and chamber concerts in Europe Israel, Japan, Australia, USA and Kuba.

Stefan Feingold
Erlenweg 34
CH-4500 Solothurn
Fon: +41 (0)32 623 57 24


Tantal (1997/99)
"Planet Music"
for brass quintet ( and piano
Order No: 14426, sFr. 57.00
This work is in three movements, parts of which are in aleatoric notation.

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