Claude Ferrier


Claude Ferrier received his musical education in Rome: Violin (1975-82), piano (1991-96) and theory of harmony, counterpoint and composition under Mauro Cardi (1989-93) and in Peru: Indian harp and panpipes (1986-88). He realised numerous ethno-musical research projects in the Andes, after which he proceeded with studies at Lausanne Conservatory in the composition class of Jean Balissat. He was awarded prizes in counterpoint and received his music theory teacher's diploma in 1997.
He undertook postgraduate studies with composition under Klaus Huber and Daniel Ott and teaching of contemporary music under Hans Schneider.
Claude Ferrier is active as composer, arranger (Ethno-classical recordings of the Peruvian singer Martine Portocarrero and the Preuvian flutist Tobías Ríos), he organises regular seminars (Analysis at the Lima Conservatory, ethno-musical sciences at the 'Escuela Nacional Superior de Folklor de Lima'), he organises concerts and conferences for Indian harp (Lausanne Historical Museum, Peru National Library), he has been interviewed by the Peruvian television channel 7 ('Presencia cultural') and teaches music theory.
He held several composition workshops in Basel and Elsass in connection with the pedagogic project 'Klangserve' ('Europäischer Musikmonat', Basel 2001).
His works are published by the 'Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia' (Udine Adliswil), and the 'Schweizer Musikedition' (Lucerne).
Prizes include:
First prize of the 'IV Convocatoria José Maria Arguedas' for his study of Peruvian dance and music, the competition was organised by the National Library in Lima Peru. Ethno-musicological work about the Peruvian harp, published in Peru in 2002.
He took second prize for the European composition competition for the choir of the Amiens Cathedral in France. Piece for a-cappella choir: 'In Principio...' (1997).
He won third Prize in the Swiss competition for young composers (organised by the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra). Piece for chamber orchestra: 'Musique pour les quatre éléments' broadcast in Switzerland (RSR Espace 2) and in England (BBC) in 1997.
He received a special mention by the jury for the String quartet 'Enigmes' (1999) in 'Quinto concurso de composición Pablo Sorozabal', San Sebastián, Spain.
He was a finalist in the competition for composition and arranged a didactical piece for the department of culture and education of canton Basel-land (2000).

Claude Ferrier
Glatttalstrasse 79
CH-8052 Zürich
Fon: +41 (0)1 341 12 09



Le Chemin sans traces (1996)
for baritone and instrumental quintet (
Order No: 11908, sFr. 52.00
Texts: Henri Gaberel Based on the poem by Henri Gaberel.Version for orchestra (2(pic).2(ca).2(bcl)2(cbn)/ available from the composer.

Musique pour les quatre éléments (1996)
for chamber orchestra (2(pic).2(ca).2(cbl).2(cbn)/
Order No: 11909, sFr. 70.00

Quatre études (1996)
for violin solo
Order No: 11910, sFr. 18.00

König Salomo (1996, rev. 1999)
for brass quintet ( and four-part mixed choir
Order No: 11906, sFr. 34.00
Text: Bibel / Liturgy Text taken from the Song of Songs. A version for mixed eight-part choir is available from the composer.

Pinguine (1998)
for eight-part mixed speaking choir
Order No: 11918, sFr. 34.00
Texts: Joachim Ringelnatz Based on Joachim Ringelnatz.

Condensations (1998)
for sextet (
Order No: 11919, sFr. 42.00

4 petites pièces (1999)
for eight instrumentalists (
Order No: 11920, sFr. 26.00

Enigmes (1999)
for string quartet
Order No: 11922, sFr. 39.00

In Anno Jubilaei (2000)
for 2pic.2cbn and twelve-part mixed choir
Order No: 11923, sFr. 29.00

La Croix du Sud (2000)
for violin and orchestra (2(pic)
Order No: 11924, sFr. 52.00
(Reduction for violin and piano: sFr. 20.-; 20.-)

Zwei kleine Stücke für Bläserensemble (two small pieces for wind ensemble) (2001)
for variable wood and brass ensemble (min. eight wood and four brass)
Order No: 11926, sFr. 13.00
I. A survivor of Kabul II. A survivor of WTC

Pacha (2006)
for harmony orchestra ( flutes (in C), 2hb (in C), small cl (E flat), 1 or more cl (B flat), bcl (B flat), 2 bn-C, asx (E flat), tsx (B flat), bsx (E flat), 3 tpt (B flat), 3 hn (in F), tbn, btbn, tba (in C), 2 euph (B flat), cb (B flat), timbales, perc (1 player): bass drum, chau gong, tubular bells, crotales, jingle bells, flexatone)
Order No: 11927, sFr. 29.00

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