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Jean-Jacques Dünki was born in Aarau. He studied piano to soloist level with Rolf Mäser at the 'Musikakademie Basel' (Basel Academy of Music). He also studied in Berlin, London, New York and Baltimore with Leon Fleisher, Peter Feuchtwanger and Charles Rosen and others. He attended piano courses given by Maurizio Pollini, Claude Helffer and Edith Picht-Axenfeld, conducting with Michael Gielen and historical performances with Nikolaus Harnoncourt. He has attended Lectures in musicology given by Carl Dahlhaus in Berlin and Max Haas in Basel, music analysis with Hans Keller in London and studied English and ancient Greek literature at the John Hopkins University, Baltimore. As a composer he is mainly self-taught. In 1981 he received the Arnold-Schönberg-Preis in Rotterdam. Today Jean-Jacques Dünki is active as composer, soloist and chamber musician. He is a guest at the festivals of Berlin, Graz, Donaueschingen and Geneva. Since 1984 he heads a class for piano and chamber music at the Basel Academy of Music. He also gives courses on a regular basis in Switzerland, Germany, France, England, USA and Japan. He has limited publishing activities. He is more recently attracted to the hammer-piano and clavichord.

Jean-Jacques Dünki
Bruderholzallee 12
CH-4059 Basel
Fon: +41 (0)61 363 04 84



Dartington Exercices (1975/79)
for piano
Order No: 1001, sFr. 16.00
Created in Dartington (South West England).

Tricorno (1980)
for horn and piano
Order No: 1002, sFr. 23.00
Very virtuosic for the horn. The pianist sings in the second movement (ad libitum).

Auf die Pauke hauen (1981)
for five kettledrums (1 player)
Order No: 1020, sFr. 13.00

Duetto for Bassclarinet and Piano (1983)
Order No: 1023, sFr. 21.00

Kammerstück II (1985)
for horn, piano and thirteen instruments (2.(pic,afl).2(obda,ca).2(Ebcl).bcl.asx(ssx).1/
Order No: 1005, sFr. 70.00
The solo horn is scored also for an authentic 19th century invention-horn, and the solo piano part (normal tuning) also plays a hammer piano (five octaves F - f4, sounding a quarter tone lower). The second piano in the ensemble is tuned a quarter tone lower. A discourse with Robert Schumann's music.
Listen: Youtube

Hommages à L. C. I-IV (1981/86)
for piano
Order No: 1004, sFr. 18.00
A subtle homage to Louis Couperin (1626-1661) both in content and notation.

Cinq Morceaux (1988)
for two clarinets
Order No: 1011, sFr. 18.00
Playful but not easy.

Trois miniatures pour clarinette seule (1988)
Order No: 1010, sFr. 13.00
Highly virtuosic and concentrated.

Kammerstück VI (1989)
for violin (viola) and ten instruments (1(pic).1(obda,ca).2(Ebcl,bthn).1/
Order No: 1012, sFr. 62.00
In the first and at the end of the fifth movement the solo violin switches to viola.
Listen: Youtube

Treize Tableaux (1989)
for two clavichords
Order No: 1035, sFr. 23.00

Musique pour un Guillaume Tell (1991)
for oboe (oboe d'amore, English horn)
Order No: 1030, sFr. 13.00

Mouvement (1992)
for three clarinets
Order No: 1028, sFr. 13.00

Pessoa - Moment (1992)
for soprano, clarinet (also Ebcl, bcl), violoncello (also viola), piano (also clavichord) and DAT play-back
Order No: 1015, sFr. 65.00
Texts: Fernando Pessoa Eight scenes from the poems of Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935). The Soprano sings and recites in Portuguese, German and French. Very demanding for all performers.

Kammerstück V (1987/94)
for violoncello and piano
Order No: 1008, sFr. 23.00
Highly virtuosic for both instruments.

Solo per Oboe (1994)
Order No: 1032, sFr. 13.00

Acht Kinderstücke (1992/95)
for piano
Order No: 1016, sFr. 18.00
For adults. Seven pieces with e-bow ad libitum.

Eiland Stadt Ebene (1995)
for flute and guitar
Order No: 1040, sFr. 21.00

Romance pour Violon solo (1995)
Order No: 1045, sFr. 16.00

Etude IIIa pour le Clavier (1996)
for clavichord or piano forte
Order No: 1042, sFr. 13.00

Figures (1997)
for hammerclavier, violin, violoncello (old mensural notation)
Order No: 1017, sFr. 26.00
Three concentrated movements for ‘old’ instruments.

Vers (1997)
for two celli
Order No: 1049, sFr. 13.00

Jumelles (1998)
for violin and organ
Order No: 1043, sFr. 16.00
(Violin part: SME sFr. 10.-; € 6.60)

Trois fragments du "retour de Cythère" (2008)
for piano
Order No: 1050, sFr. 16.00

Cas obliques I, II, III (1993-2004)
for oboe, bass clarinet, bassoon, horn and piano
Order No: 1051, sFr. 34.00

The five senses / In the Vicinity of the 6th Sense / The 6th Sense (1980-1994)
for piano
Order No: 1052, sFr. 26.00
Seven concise studies dealing with the six human senses.

Madrigaux (2011/12)
for string quartet
Order No: 1053, sFr. 42.00

Nouveaux contes obliques (2001)
for four-handed piano
Order No: 1054, sFr. 34.00

Oïmé (2001)
for mezzo-soprano (vocalise), liuto forte
Order No: 1055, sFr. 16.00


Ensemble TaG. Neue Musik Winterthur
Rudolf Kelterborn: Ensemblebuch III
Yori-Aki Matsudaïra: Theme and Variations based on Serie Arnold Schbeg
Fritz Voegelin: Thebaïs
Jean-Jacques Dünki: Canones nach Arnold Schönberg
Andréas Stauder: Gloriette
Faradsch Karajev: 5 Stücke
(Yoko Fujita; Matthijs Brunschoten; Emanuel Rütsche; Daniel Sailer; Anna-Katharina Graf; Hansjürgen Wäldele; Martin Truninger; Sayuri Takahama; Christoph Jäggin; Thomas Klee; Ruth Gygax; Hans-Ulrich Munzinger; u.a.)

Musiques Suisses MGB CTS-M 87
SME/EMS Order Nr.: 97
Price CHF: 30.-

Ensemble Opera Nova
Jacques Wildberger: Quartett
Jean-Jacques Dünki: Kammerstück IV
Aribert Reimann: Trio
Gérard Zinsstag: Tempor
(Ensemble Opera Nova)

Musiques Suisses MGB CTS-M 63
SME/EMS Order Nr.: 82
Price CHF: 30.-

Jean-Jacques Dünki
Jean-Jacques Dünki:
Un souvenir de L.
Hommage à L.C.
Tétraptéron I & II
(Henz-Diémand; Reymond; Casén; Dünki)
Kammerstück II
(Johnson; Dünki; Mitglieder des Radiosinfonieorchesters Basel; Bernard Wulff)
Kammerstück III
Kammerstück VI
(Ensemble; Dünki)
Kammerstück VII
(Schneeberger; Frey; Dünki)

Grammont CTS-P 40-2
SME/EMS Order Nr.: 34
Price CHF: 30.-

Daniel Glaus: Toccata per Girolamo (... Pour Claude)
(Stéphane Reymond)
Jorge Pepi: Metamorfosis I
(Paul Clemann)
Alfred Zimmerlin: Klavierstück 2
(Jean-Jacques Dünki)
Jean-Jacques Dünki: Tétraptéron 0-IV
(Paul Clemann, Jean-Jacques Dünki, Stéphane Reymond, Pierre Sublet)
Karlheinz Stockhausen: aus "Tierkreis"
(Jean-Jacques Dünki, Pierre Sublet)

Jecklin szene sCHweiz JS 289-2
SME/EMS Order Nr.: 3
Price CHF: 30.-

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