Hans Wüthrich


Hans Wüthrich was born in Aeschi (canton of Berne). He studied music at the conservatory of Berne under the tutelage of Savoff (piano) and Sandor Varess (theory) and received his diploma for piano in 1962.
1967 until 1973 student of composition under Klaus Huber
1973 conferred doctorate (German language and literature sciences, philosophy and musicology), University of Zurich
1968 until 1972 parallel thereto student of composition under the tutelage of Klaus Huber
1971 until 1985 assistant lecturer for linguistics (phonetics/phonemics) at the universities of Zurich and Basel
1974 establishes the ensemble 'mixt media basel', dedicated to the performance of works found in the intermediary area between music and theatre
1985 until 2002 lecturer of music theory, analysis and aural training at the Winterthur/Zurich School of Music.
Since 2002 freelance
Lives in Arlesheim (CH) and Murg-Oberdorf (DE).
- city of Zurich prize for composition, 1972
- prize for composition at the International Competition for Composition, Boswil in the years 1974, 1976 and 1978
- Grand Prix Paul Gilson de la "Communauté radiophonique des programmes de la langue française" 1984.
- Financial prize in the category of music offered by the canton Basel-Landschaft, 1991

Hans Wüthrich
Birseckstr. 11
CH-4144 Arlesheim


Hans Wüthrich
Hans Wüthrich:
Annäherungen an Gegenwart
Chopin im TGV Basel-Paris, die Sonne betrachtend
Wörter Bilder Dinge
Zwei Minuten gegen das Vergessen
Procuste deux étoiles
(Mathez Wüthrich; Batschelet; Schneeberger; Wili u.a.; Berner Streichquartett; Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne; Luca Pfaff)

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